Jeff Daniels Has Finally Grown Into His Face

Published on December 6, 2018

‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ was never on Jeff Daniels’ school curriculum. Now he’s playing Atticus Finch in Aaron Sorkin’s Broadway adaptation.

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  • Ava Ttoir 7 months ago

    Jeff said “Simon and Schuster”, I’m sure he MEANT “Wayne and Shuster” , the Canadian sketch comedy team that was in that same theater when it was HQ to the Ed Sullivan Show so many times it seemed like they had something on Ed.

  • jcmyint 7 months ago

    Hell yeah, got some Yes or No going on for the walk-in music. I love having Batiste as the bandleader for this show, he’s always sneaking in standards!

  • Quotenwagnerianer 7 months ago

    I assume not having read “To Kill a Mockingbird” in school while growing up in the U.S. is similar to not having read “Faust” when growing up in Germany.
    Because that’s me. Never read it, never seen the play.

  • Wynstan'sMom 7 months ago

    Jeff Daniels in his Corduroy Shirt and I’m suddenly all FanGirl… Yes! and”Then one morning a little Girl stopped and looked straight into Corduroy’s bright eyes. “Oh, Mommy!” she said. “Look! There’s the very Bear I’ve always wanted.”

  • Eric Ling 7 months ago

    Well the alternative to that ending would be to cry from laughing. I mean the line will sound fucked up but at least you’ll sort of look the part.

  • Gundam Heavyarms 7 months ago

    Jeff Daniels was also Lt. Col. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain in Gettysburg/Gods and Generals

  • David Jack 7 months ago

    Jeff Daniels was on ‘Newsroom’ – worth watching the part in the pilot with the segment about ‘America the greatest country in the world’ – relevant to todays USA.

  • Henny van Veldhuizen 7 months ago

    Refreshing to see intelligence on screen

  • SportsClub 7 months ago

    *Works 202 days out of a year but gets paid Millions* #inEquality

  • Perusa Lenne 7 months ago

    I needed this, almost as much as i need a new season of The Newsroom. :S **almost**

  • Ashes, Ashes 7 months ago

    Why can I only ever remember either Jeff Bridges or Jeff Daniels’ name, but not both at the same time? It’s as though the act of remembering one blocks the other. Somewhat irritating and alarming, both

  • Pēteris Krišjānis 7 months ago

    I will say this – this year Colbert has become an go to interviewer. He lays back big time and his guests does it too in response. It just feels like you see actual friends talking in party in some corner.

  • WheelmanGames 7 months ago

    “It’s true your honor”…

    Pencile Dick IS a Legend.

  • Guido Anselmi 7 months ago

    6:30 – wait, Stephen writes his own monologues? (I assume that is what he is insinuating)

  • Rebecca 7 months ago

    I never would have thought to cast Daniels as my beloved Atticus Finch & yet the moment Stephen said it, my brain went, “Perfect! I can totally see that now!” Break a leg, Mr. Daniels!

  • The Wogan Transformers bloke 7 months ago

    Brillant human being and a great actor ✌😊

  • Little Mac 7 months ago

    You forgot Gettysburg!!! He was so awesome as COL Chamberlain!

  • peter obermuller 7 months ago

    I still say that Daniels peak performance was as Colonel Lawrence Chamberlain. Damn he made that man of history come alive once again. (In the movies “Gettysburg” and “Gods and generals”)

  • Nick Gagnon 7 months ago

    Harry Dunn!

  • Emily H 7 months ago

    jeff daniels is one of those actors that everyone likes


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