Jeb Bush Has Something Nice To Say About Obama

Published on September 9, 2015

Jeb Bush goes rogue and says something not totally negative about the president.

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  • FoxJupiter 4 years ago

    Fuck that Skull and Bones prick.

  • JDogg42554 4 years ago


  • Oswell 4 years ago

    4 dislikes?! INFIDELS BLASPHEMY

  • Jack Carmichael 4 years ago

    It’s so refreshing to see a conversation like this on a late night talk
    show! Really excited for Stephen’s tenure on The Late Show.

  • DTO 4 years ago

    Best video of Colbert and a Bush is to google: Colbert and Bush

  • Big Bird 4 years ago

    Can’t believe he didn’t receive the Colbert bump.

  • Mjolnor 4 years ago

    You Democrats and Republicans are so funny to watch!

  • A D 4 years ago

    No more Bush, no more Clinton (please.)

  • Hirudin 4 years ago

    I don’t think JEB has his head all the way up his own ass.

  • fidorover 4 years ago

    I find the exclamation mark at the end of his campaign logo “Jeb!” to be
    delightfully ironic.

  • SailingSeignior 4 years ago

    I actually like Jeb and I think he has some good policies. It would be a
    terrible mistake if the Republicans didn’t nominate him.

  • Sporeman2678 4 years ago

    Fuck Jeb and his family

  • serfdomthwart 4 years ago

    Fuck Jeb. And fuck Hillary. And fuck Bernie.

  • redseb99 4 years ago

    Even your Youtube video clips are geo-blocked? WTF!

  • grass hopper 4 years ago

    Wow, a third member of the oil rich, war profiteering bush family wants to
    be president what a surprise. Bernie or rand seem to be the only sane
    people in the run. Let’s be honest though the industrialists are still
    gonna do what they want and find ways around any presidents words by
    creating fake reasons for never ending war, control and invasions of more
    countries. The last president to seriously mess with the power had his head
    blown off in broad daylight

  • Moe Earth 4 years ago

    its a first i heard Jeb speak, without snippets from the drive by media

  • Sarah Fisk 4 years ago

    So much dislike for geo-blocking! I get that it’s frustrating but the
    number of dislikes is so misleading! It’s pretty much revenge downvoting,
    which is funny because they want to see the video so bad that they’re
    hating on it…

  • Tolvan Osc'a'dragil 4 years ago

    …Well, he’s a better politician than Trump.

  • EatinCookiesAllDay 4 years ago

    Bernie Sanders 2016!

  • Stephen Romano 4 years ago

    Why in God’s name was this tool on the first show? No one is interested …

  • gostate 2014 4 years ago

    I know Jeb won’t waste a dime in illinois so he won’t find out for himself.
    What is currently going on nationally In Congress is a carbon copy of
    Illinois bi partisan gridlock.

  • JC Korn 4 years ago

    I actually think Jeb might have a chance if he changed his last name….

    What he says, is pretty reasonable, compared to the other loons.
    I think he knows he’s gotta play the mild game, I just hope if he goes far,
    he’s sincere.

  • Norman Grubb 4 years ago

    Will he murder his brother for war crimes???????if not, I’m not voting for

  • John F. Kennedy 4 years ago

    Well, anything is better than that hack trump.

  • SaturnTrack 4 years ago

    Colbert’s first show last night was amazing! What’s with all the dislikes?
    I’d hate to see Colbert suffer from the same fate that Conan did when he
    took over for Leno. Just a bunch of old butthurt idiots who don’t like the
    idea that a talk show eventually has to change its host and image for a
    younger, more up-to-date audience.

  • Marc Driftmeyer 4 years ago

    Jeb Bush is a moron. His slam on quality of policies when 7 years of
    continued global restoration and US domestic economic policies pulled us
    out of the ditch reminds me how blind the GOP is to intelligence.

  • Acierer 4 years ago

    To think that Jeb would be the dumber one.

  • FriendlyWalrus 4 years ago

    Colbert is the FUTURE

  • Fyva Prold 4 years ago

    You guys when you edit these videos make sure your editor keeps lip sync

  • Spoo o 4 years ago

    Jeb bush suk dick …. LOL!

  • Gary Clark 4 years ago

    Great another talk show for the liberals. Good job at not letting Jeb

  • Shane Woodbury 4 years ago

    Look Jeb, I think you’re a sensible guy and I’ve been rooting for you to
    win your party’s nomination. But the fact is, your party has pandered to
    angry racist white males ever since Nixon and Reagan through the ‘Southern
    Strategy’. The Republican base today doesn’t just disagree with President
    Obama and his policies, they believe he’s a foreigner and a Muslim whose
    out to enslave the white man. The Republican base is lost in paranoia,
    anger, and conspiracy theories. Now how am I as a liberal Democrat supposed
    to compromise with that?

  • Jason Ibanez 4 years ago

    Yeah, but if you are a supporter of murder it doesn’t matter if we agree on
    99% of issues.

    Fuck you Jeb Bush, you treacherous POS. Can’t wait till your and your
    family hang

  • Jee-eun Hong 4 years ago

    Thank you for not putting annoying music or announcement at the end of each
    I love your new show!!

  • psychotronik13 4 years ago

    dammit I missed the first show, when did they restart the show? I watch all
    my late night on hulu during the day anyway. I hope this is on hulu if they
    don’t post the shows here.


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