Jeanie Buss on Lakers Docuseries, Her Dad Jerry Buss & OJ Getting His Car Towed at a Game

Published on August 16, 2022

Jeanie talks to guest host Desus Nice about her new docuseries “Legacy,” her late father Jerry Buss and the rise of the Lakers, people always asking for tickets to games, OJ Simpson coming to a Lakers game after he was acquitted, her Twitter account getting hacked, and co-owning Women of Wrestling.


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  • OffThursdays_ 1 year ago

    Damn she look good for her 60s

  • New Message 1 year ago

    Well now I gotta get all up in her DM’s and score me a PS7.

  • Derek's Ho corner 2013 1 year ago

    Desus nice Jeanie buss Lakers docuseries her dad awesomeness job interview

  • THISISJOEHILL 1 year ago

    “you doing ok with your money?” hilarious!!!!! hahahaha Desus is a whole fool!

  • David Torres 1 year ago

    This is the worst host I’ve ever seen.

  • and 1 1 year ago

    What a sweet and amazing woman . Wish she had more people have her as an example for young woman and kids!!!

  • kk P 1 year ago

    wow she’s 60

  • DORAEMON 1 year ago

    This woman has betrayed LeBron James.

  • eric sanchez 1 year ago

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  • eric sanchez 1 year ago

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  • Lisa L. Gruman 1 year ago

    She is so composed and kind and humble, and he was an excellent, wonderful, fun interviewer!

  • William Builes 1 year ago

    Beautiful how her hair & outfit represents Laker purple n gold baby! Lakers in 5

  • H M 1 year ago

    This the lady who was insecure about the clippers and kept calling the clippers owner names lol

  • xJuiCYxxJaYx 1 year ago

    so this wrestling is it legit or is it something ronda rousey would do and fake it


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