Jason Sudeikis – Teaching Trevor How TV Is Made | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on October 7, 2020

Jason Sudeikis unpacks his new show “Ted Lasso,” which is about an American football coach coaching an English soccer team and is NOT a documentary. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #JasonSudeikis

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  • Matty80822 2 years ago

    reminds me of my friends from high school. we did not break character until whoever is confused looks like we just broke their world.

  • Île-de- France 2 years ago

    Trump and Pence debate tactics: lies, misinformation, blame shifting to Obama administration, and more lies.

  • Hamry Asad 2 years ago

    Trevor???? Hahahahahaha you know how tv is made…

  • Ka Sulay 2 years ago

    Wtf 🤣🤣🤣 these guys ❤️

  • jan coi 2 years ago

    Kamala takes down the Silver Sycophant!!! Great Job at Debate!!!

  • Joseph Momma 2 years ago

    This guy is just the latest version of SNL’s Spade, a talent-less, un-funny douchebag. Srsly why would anyone waste their time listening to this ahole

  • msdogooder 2 years ago

    Dear friend watching this video, you might be able to relate to what I am about to say. It occurred to me, thinking about prayer, that on many occasions I get the direction wrong. In relation to a stream of flowing water, in my prayer time I often start downstream with my own concerns and bring them to God. I inform Jesus, as if He did not already know. I plead with Jesus Christ, as if hoping to change His mind and overcome divine reluctance…. Instead, I should start upstream where the flow truly begins.

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    With this new starting point for prayer, our perceptions change. We look at nature and see the signature of the grand Artist. We look at human beings and see individuals of eternal destiny made in God’s image. Thanksgiving & praise should be our natural responses to God’s amazing handiwork. Thanksgiving and praise surge up to Him as a natural response. Starting our prayers “upstream” instead of “downstream” will allow our blessings from God to effectively flow, for He alone supply all of our needs.

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  • M J 2 years ago

    That was fun🤣

  • Jaded Old Joe 2 years ago

    Battle of the hoodies

  • Frying Pan 2 years ago


  • MK 2 years ago

    Sudakis is wearing my favorite football teams hoodie! Manchester City! Loved him on SNL!

  • tuf f 2 years ago

    damn trevor is really tearing into him i know it’s a bit but i was like wow does he have beef with jason??? lmao

  • juvi22003 2 years ago

    This was a weird interview I don’t get it

  • SuperLeica1 2 years ago

    Some real mirror-play here. Both pretends to go their own ditch. Actor´s stuff.

  • Casey Clark 2 years ago

    I was like… what? Wait… what?

  • Revolve! 2 years ago

    Best show ever.

  • ChaWrites Writer Girl 2 years ago

    I feel ultimately offended, as I frequently let the credits roll.

  • Mizra Bez 2 years ago

    Here after the vice presidential debate waiting for Trevor’s next video…hopping he would talk about how a black fly sat on bidens white hair while they spoke about white supremacy …😂

  • Ken Aki 2 years ago

    @Trevor Noah did you see the fly on Pences head during the debate ?

  • Hanan Alzaim 2 years ago

    SO GOOD!


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