Jason Momoa Strips Down to Traditional Hawaiian Malo, Talks About New Tattoo & Working with LeBron

Published on November 10, 2022

Jason talks about getting his newest tattoo, doing a commercial with LeBron James after Eddie Murphy said he couldn’t do it, deep sea fishing in traditional Hawaiian fishing gear, he strips down to show us his Hawaiian Malo, tells us about his new movie Slumberland, and his friend with Leukemia who inspired him to work with a charity called “Be the Match” that connects people with patients that need a bone marrow transplant.


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  • Space Force Commander 3 months ago

    Json Momoa looks like he just came from both Atlantises as Ronon Dex and Aquaman.

  • K M 3 months ago

    Hui palala,
    O wai la! Akaaka nui ‘oe ia’u.

  • misslovechild22 3 months ago

    Damn ❤️❤️

  • stayhappylittle mermaid 3 months ago

    I have my good days, also my bad days, and my weary days, but I thank god for letting me get past those and become stronger.

  • Paul à Paul à Paul 3 months ago

    Someone is taking the news about Chris Evans pretty hard.

  • Irum Khan 3 months ago

    He looks amazing. What a guy

  • The Armchair Journalist 3 months ago

    That’s one cheek I’d happily swab with my 👅

  • Ty dalla Sing 3 months ago

    Khal drago

  • Stanley 3 months ago

    I love that he is so comfortable with his body. Great vibes!!

  • Jek 3 months ago

    Cringe AF.

  • Yvette Benavidez 3 months ago

    Jason is such a down to earth wholesome person I support everything he is involved with and wish even more happiness and success. 🏝️🌋🌺🌴

  • Sophie 3 months ago

    He’s emulating Johnny depp in a good way. Seems like a genuine and kind hearted person and is a fabulous actor on top of being extremely attractive ☺️

  • Mary Morgante 3 months ago

    Love love Kimmel he is a real natural. Man he is funny. Jimmy. Kimmel makes me think of Bob hopes. He says real funny jokes. Not disgusting. A real comedian. God bless you man

  • balahatun 3 months ago

    this man is shining from inside 💚

  • JIMMYNEMESIS 3 months ago

    this guy is way way too humble, what a great guy ! love his project Frontiers I hope some network pick that up

  • Deep Cut Reactions 3 months ago

    lol Diana double take there — why did Jimmy literally repeat himself about swabbing and how people may think it’s painful? “and Also, people think it’s painful…” yeah you just suggested that Jimmy. 🤣

  • elseby 3 months ago

    They can try to give him issues with having that tattoo and RIP to them if they think they can try that.

  • Youngstown529 3 months ago

    Doesn’t tattooing your head ruin your chance at acting gigs?

  • Cute 3 months ago

    Omg 👀 ing sexy love the jacket xoxo 💋

  • Diego Expendable 3 months ago

    Amazing, Man!


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