Jason Momoa Has Kristen Bell a Bit Flustered

Published on August 24, 2022

James Corden welcomes his guests Kristen Bell and Jason Momoa and Kristen isn’t holding back about what being in Jason’s orbit does to her. And Kristen tells James about their family’s RV trip across America with a stowaway rodent passenger. After, the “See” star talks about taking his kids to a run of great shows in London this summer from Billie Eilish to The Rolling Stones.

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  • Jose Rivera 2 years ago

    She would definitely cheat

  • Tish W 2 years ago

    He’s her hall pass. For sure.

  • rickjames21 2 years ago

    He definitely smashed.

  • Nomadic Dragon 2 years ago

    This is weird. It wasn’t too long ago that he was squealing like a girl over Lisa Bonet, and now it’s as if she never existed. I can’t keep up with Hollywood’s BS. It’s like he just flipped a switch and got over it. SMDH

  • Patti Aikeley 2 years ago

    Jason Mamoa is so hot. How can Kristen sit there so close to him & not attack him! Haha


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