Jason Bateman Can’t Take His Eyes Off ‘The Dumpster Fire Burning In Washington’

Published on July 21, 2017

Netflix’s ‘Ozark’ star Jason Bateman often finds himself hate-watching news about a president that he sees as a ‘clown.’

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  • seventhday savior 2 years ago

    woohoo it’s that time again, I cant wait to hear the opening monologue!

  • Gazi 2 years ago

    Arrested development season 5 soon? Please? No? Guess I’ll have to hope that the Han Solo movie is narrated by Ron Howard…..

  • Wendy Garcia 2 years ago


  • Everlocke 2 years ago

    I’m too tired. I kept reading the name as Batman for a couple tries-.-‘

  • Anthony Avila 2 years ago

    I just watched horrible bosses like wtf…

  • Matt Gardner 2 years ago

    I love Jason Bateman and this show but, where the hell did he mention anything in the title or the description? If you’re going to say something like this at least show the clip. It just looks like you’ve taken something he said as a passing remark not even related to Trump massively out of context.

  • Liam Rao 2 years ago

    Nothing political here. Misleading title.

  • LikeTheBuffalo 2 years ago

    I’ve made a huge mistake….

  • Turd Ferguson 2 years ago

    “Where’s my money?!?”

    How many times does he have to be told that there’s always money in the Banana Stand?

  • Californio 2 years ago

    The Hogan Family was an underrated family sitcom. It was kinda like Full House but with a family of boys.

  • Juan de Salgado 2 years ago

    Colbert is such a kind guy… when Bateman says, “One review says I played as bland as an airport clerk, the other review says it’s the best work I’ve done”, Colbert let pass the opportunity to crack the joke, “maybe both are right”.


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