Jared’s Immigration Plan Is A ‘Complete Whiff’

Published on May 17, 2019

Jared Kushner’s solution for immigration is being described as a ‘conversation-starter’ and a ‘complete whiff.’ #LSSC #Colbert #Monologue

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  • GABRIEL CRAFT 1 year ago

    seriously. GETTING…. HARD…. TO LAUGH.

  • Hayden Plays Games 1 year ago

    It’ll be trumps second time meeting a wizard. This time though they’ll be dressed in dark clothes.

  • soon 1 year ago

    most americans can’t name more than 10 states and can’t solve basic algebra problems. n for the english part, america doesn’t have a official language lol

  • The Angry Dudeist 1 year ago

    I actually am aware of the letter to Danbury Baptist Association… been using tgat as reference for years.
    Wish more people knew about it, maybe now they will.

  • Blake Alfaro 1 year ago

    this gone go down one of 2 ways. First way is he wants to talk with Iran so he can do his ‘art of the deal’ scheme and offer them A: weapons (for local wars) or B: money or C: both. and we don’t go to war. The other way this goes down is trump still tries to strike a deal but he (naturally) says something so threatening, offensive and stupid, that it pushes Iran over the edge and we go to war

  • Mark Ferrari 1 year ago

    And Americans will wonder why home grown terrorists are on the rise.

  • Mainer Bates 1 year ago

    Draft Dodger multiple times

  • Jafar Khan 1 year ago

    They still looking for those wmds

  • Wynstan'sMom 1 year ago

    “I Hope Not”…somehow Emily’s little poem sounds very different now. “Hope is the thing with feathers 
    That perches in the soul 
    And sings the tune without the words 
    And never stops at all.” 
    ― Emily Dickinson

  • Karl Oestreich 1 year ago

    Steaming turd pretty much describes this administration.

  • Mark Ferrari 1 year ago

    Just another example of Trump creating a problem then claiming he solved the problem.

  • Anima Manager 1 year ago

    Projared + Amaeturjared. Name a more iconic duo.

  • kindground 1 year ago

    Seriously lmao at this monologue! Genius jokes!

  • Unfitproduct Airborne 1 year ago

    War veteran here….Please I beg of you. Stop.

  • mrt57rn 1 year ago

    I know about Jefferson’s letter to Danbury Baptist Association in 1802. I learned about it while researching Separation of Church & State. That goes to show you jared & the rest of the ratpubliklans have no idea what Jefferson wrote. donnie & his administration wouldn’t want anyone to know or agree with Jefferson’s point of view. https://usconstitution.net/jeffwall.html

  • thenormalstate 1 year ago

    “It keeps saying 8. I don’t understand.”

    Underrated joke of the night

  • David Hwang 1 year ago

    Love it when Stephen cracks up.

  • ROYAL REBEL 1 year ago

    Mister Dumbledore of The Desert LOL

  • xxGodx 1 year ago

    “Two souzand three.”

    Whelp… looks like Trump’s not the only one who can fuck up his words.

  • Rob _ 1 year ago

    There is a quick way to sum everything up. Cash. Kushners idea is already in effect h-1b and h-2b visa. Hes basically lying and acting like he just came up with it.
    Each visa is awarded if you can provide service to the country.
    The problem is there’s too many people born here that dont provide any service or even care to better themselves.
    So sorry kush, but this Seats taken


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