Jared Leto Never Broke Character As “The Joker” – CONAN on TBS

Published on February 22, 2021

Jared Leto tested a few different Joker laughs. Plus, Margot Robbie got her eyebrows snipped by “Suicide Squad” director David Ayer.

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  • Phillies0634 7 days ago

    Literally the worst joker ever

  • Lupus Noctis 7 days ago

    That gotta be embarrassing for Jared Leto

  • gooneybird808 7 days ago

    Conan is the greatest on earth

  • Marcos Santana 7 days ago

    This is so deep

  • Wu Lu 7 days ago

    they *FUCKED* this movie up sooo and and I dont blame Jared. I mean you can clearly see that this is not Ben Affleck 0:20

  • TheAg2661 7 days ago

    Horrible Horrible Joker lol Ahh Ahh

  • Simret Sekhon 7 days ago

    I bet it’s no fun doing movies with character actors

  • Martin Larsen 7 days ago

    I hate Amber Heard

  • Austin Bond 7 days ago

    I love how Will wants to crack jokes the whole time but saves it for end with “that’s a pattern”

  • Goofsy 7 days ago

    He was garbage as the joker

  • Craig Alibocas 7 days ago

    Hi Conan and good day to you and all your guests.
    Your looking sharp sir and well being to you and if out of the least of kindnesses of your heart can you do me a favor and tell everyone here with you that the Son of Man stands Knocking at the door and if any man shall hear and let him in he shall sup with them and they with him and yes he is even able to Forgive the worst of men but only if they want to be Forgiven and if you hold his hand he shall be with you even unto the End.
    From the least of men to the greatest I love you and we all shall be rewarded for our works.
    Take care and keep good.

  • Ben Franklin 7 days ago

    People love you in Chicago. Bring your shoe here once this corona crap is over!!!

  • Thelema 7 days ago

    Great actor, awful Joker.

  • Perpetually_Biased 7 days ago

    love the way conan instantly takes control after jared puts his hand on conan’s shoulder. absolute master

  • selw0nk 7 days ago

    Jared Leto is a horrible Joker. They try make him look good in the Snyder Cut 😂

  • Tor O'L 7 days ago

    And apparently it was super weird and made everyone uncomfortable and didn’t even lead to a great performance. Jared Leto is so pompous.

  • Alex Arcila 7 days ago

    I feel like jared is sort of like the kid on the high school basketball team that everyone makes fun of behind his back and does whatever he can for attention.

  • Ethan Aleman 7 days ago

    He is a national treasure

  • no_one_of_that_name_here 7 days ago

    Why upload a video with that creep? You didn’t have one with Ron Jeremy?

  • D J 7 days ago

    Jared is such a tool.


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