January 6th Hearings Episode 2 Recap



  • Drew G. 12 months ago

    If you’re sending a “billionaire” money, for any reason, you deserve everything that happens to you.

  • Michael Stiller 12 months ago

    America, you romanced it, thought you knew it. But the reality is, people in power think they can’t solve the problems, just try to maintain the status, while people who have played the system. Continue to abuse and use. And the governments response is, nothing to see here. Keep calm.

  • Smallpig Poopfix 12 months ago



  • Timothy shane Carroll 12 months ago

    I’m thinking a lot of people are going to be guests of the government

  • Dawn Palmby 12 months ago

    Counter protesters all saw this unfolding online and made the decision not to go to DC bc figured they would b attacked. Had no idea how much was going on behind the scenes. How many of them r now in office? This is far from over unfortunately.

  • Henry Gvidonas 12 months ago

    Imagine having some bum hit you up for money 10 to 25 times a day, all week, all month since 6 January 2021. That bum lives in his own private golf resort in Florida and brags about being a billionaire and donating all of his salary for his previous job all day long.

    L. Ron Hubbard was right. If you want to scam the big bucks from the marks and rubes, start your own religion. Trump did just that.

  • Cancun771 12 months ago

    Garland will never punish Trump, of course. He is an extremely shady character knee-deep in the conspiracy, which you would know if you listened to the GaslitNation podcast. He had 17 months to indict Trump for the Mueller report alone, which is chock full of crimes Trump committed while in office. With evidence and everything. Waaaaay beyond reasonable doubt.

  • Jes Erin 12 months ago

    This so is sooooi underrated

  • bubblesezblonde 12 months ago

    I seem to recall Rudy’s drug of choice is Scotch Whiskey. Also, that is called a box trap. 6:13. Yes I have been screaming this too! 6:07. nice vid

  • batgurrl 12 months ago

    Thanks Sam for your excellent coverage. Team Normal Vs insanity.
    You are correct, those people who support him are indeed dumb as***les.

  • Lennie 12 months ago

    Watching this from England and can’t help crying. It’s such a relief to see the good guys like Sam fighting, and winning with wit and elan, the battle to stop the wave of corruption and nasty filth that is engulfing America.

  • Karen Seeley 12 months ago

    It’s amazing how Barr found his “principles” once he could see where the wind was blowing. All of t****’s inner circle who licked his behind until they saw it was time to bail.

  • Anthony Bha 12 months ago

    Trump is a terrorist

  • Julio Perez 12 months ago

    Protecting Democracy from a party hellbent on creating a theological etno state and white supremacist dictatorship is not POLITICAL!! It’s upholding the constitution per the oath you had to take when you accepted the role of Attorney General for the DOJ, Garland!!!!!


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