Jane Fonda Won’t Let COVID-19 Deter Her Climate Change Activism

Published on April 10, 2020

Jane Fonda talks about fighting for action on climate change with Fire Drill Fridays, young activists and the climate crisis.

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  • Don Starr 4 months ago

    Please Google or Search YouTube, UVC Light is our defense, it can disinfect PPE in seconds to minutes, it can protect our Isolation by exposing everything coming in to UVC Light, it’s relatively inexpensive, but highly effective. Why aren’t you and others with large audiences sharing this??????? It’s a game changer in the war on biological threats, it can even sanitize air.

  • Thanh Mai 4 months ago

    Jane is resilient AF! Keep on fighting for change and being a trailblazer in your own right 🙌💯

  • FoCoPuffs 4 months ago

    We need more fighters like her, especially those in positions of influence.

  • Harrison Newton 4 months ago

    Getting Trump out of office in November is our environments last chance at survival. Our world can’t handle another four years without strict regulations on our fossil fuel emissions.

  • GrimJerr 4 months ago

    Damn still a hottie 😘

  • Lucy Gunter 4 months ago

    The real science…. is the sun and the universe, which way over shadows any tiny human actions, we should prepare for climate changes… because duh- science…. we live in an electro magnetic plasma universe which is hella more dangerous than we are…😂 political idiots we are..

  • Filosofo Tacio 4 months ago

    Hanoi Jane still at it.

  • Hannah Dyson 4 months ago

    Good on her I say . When I was coming home from work I saw a big orange moon over the farm fields ..this was in the UK and I have only seen that on YouTube …amazing .

    Humans are now experiencing the suffering the world has endured .

    Where I live on Lancashire they have started fracking in the past few years . We have never had a earthquake before , we have had over ten since since drilling started , the company claim they are too small to feel despite homes being damaged and people feeling the ground tremble .

    We have experienced floods that only occur every thosaund years , we have experienced moor fires . Moors abused by the rich .

    When the world speaks we need to listen . It’s telling us it’s suffering .

  • Tom 4 months ago

    amazing content I loved it

  • Krasso Hassgott 4 months ago

    …wow, shes still stunningly beautiful… yeah, i know off topic…

  • Marius Thefaker 4 months ago

    Real change comes from the Courts. Win the general election, flip the Senate, extend your majority in the House, write the bills, pass them in the Senate, sign them into law, defend them in the Courts. Protest in the meantime if you want to make yourself feel better…

  • Les Subrick 4 months ago

    Trump men are not real men! They will not man up and say that they hate! They are freaking cowards and I will tell them right to their faces!

  • Les Subrick 4 months ago

    Jane Fonda Rocks! You Vets who love Trump had better man up too!

  • Les Subrick 4 months ago

    Seth rocks! He is da man!

  • drepachi77 4 months ago

    You Burn The Forests …

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  • hawk Dog 4 months ago

    stop destroying the biosphere with geoengenering and the on going world wide weather warfare these climate terrorist (federal government, all senators and the usa military) have hijacked mother natures natural weather process.


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