Jan. 6 Panel Grills Ginni Thomas About Shocking Coup Texts with Trump Team: A Closer Look

Published on September 29, 2022

Seth takes a closer look at the January 6 committee deposing Ginni Thomas, the spouse of a sitting Supreme Court justice, and more video evidence emerging of another Trump ally, Roger Stone, discussing plans before the election to declare victory and overturn the results if Trump lost.

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  • Monroe Mom 2 months ago

    This was a great segment, but for some reason your audience was asleep. They were a dud.

  • For Eternity, with a pineapple 2 months ago

    In all seriousness, if there are still people out there looking at this rushing river of evidence of the GOP’s complicity in attempting to wilfully subvert a democratic election in America, and then saying, ‘Yeah…, but Hunter’s laptop!”, then I pity your cognitive deficits.

  • Andy B 2 months ago

    If I ran a TV network, I wouldn’t want Rudy to appear on it, either.

  • Clyde 2 months ago

    Can we fire everybody and have a do over?

  • spencer thomas 2 months ago

    Great one man show name. Much better than Flowers for Q-anon…

  • Democrat Patriot 2 months ago

    Fraud, Rudy? You have been temporarily disbarred.

  • Jason Luvisi 2 months ago

    She looks like shes on benzos… which could be really good for the committee ….

  • you are soul 2 months ago

    Ginni Thomas could be the new face for Prozac.

  • Jan Roberts Stickel 2 months ago

    They are becoming similar to cartoon characters. The absurdity of their acts and their attempts to coverup.

  • Alfred Guinto 2 months ago

    It will go away like magic Time-to shine Ginni in wanderlust!

  • SKRIBBLEZ 2 months ago

    The very fact that the wife of a Supreme Court justice is back channeling communication with the chief of the White House is a clear indicator of corruption
    I’m sure it’s not illegal because they make sure that everything they do is not illegal but it is immoral it is an ethical and it is a violation of the constitution and they should both be put in prison for it through Joe Biden and Donald Trump in white rabbit throw in Nancy Pelosi and the rest of those motherfuckers in Congress all of them they are all corrupt none of them are serving us every one of them serves what they call a donor and every person with one brain cell knows nobody is donating cash to these people they expect returns therefore they are investors and the entire system is broken because of it

  • Trolling Them Softly 2 months ago

    Uncle Thomas.

  • 1Top Baron 2 months ago

    Rudy’s voice sounds like the scientist from the Hilarious House of Frightenstein hahah!!

  • Aaron Wright 2 months ago

    Was Jenny Thomas High?!!

  • Chris Ray 2 months ago

    I need tickets to a double feature of cicada cicada and waiting for go-d’oh!

  • Abigail Andino 2 months ago

    I almost peed myself with Ginni 😂

  • TwoTreesStudio 2 months ago

    it seriously sounds like he’s shuffling money around between different businesses to keep them all floating

    I have no idea whether this is illegal but it sure does sound like it

  • brianna O 2 months ago

    Ginni Thomas left one cult for another one

  • Talia Levi 2 months ago

    I’m glad people are realizing how disastrously broken American democracy/republicanism is, but I really wish people would realize this isn’t something that just happened. America has been broken since the beginning.

  • Penny Davis 2 months ago

    We do have a mental health cries here in America. Genie Thomas needs help.

  • Harry Brook 2 months ago

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