James Taylor: “Break Shot” Refers To The Moment When Things Go From Organized To Chaotic

Published on February 4, 2020

Legendary musician James Taylor went with a billiards metaphor when choosing the title for his audiobook memoir, “Break Shot,” which focuses on a chaotic period in his life before his music career started in earnest. #Colbert #Comedy #JamesTaylor

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  • Richard Jones 5 months ago

    Vote Bernie. Save ourselves like James did.

  • Baby Djesse 5 months ago

    First comment ! From South Africa. Love you guys…

  • chico americano 5 months ago

    He’s amazing. The Iowa caucus results too, according to the Sanders people. The DNC app that’s supposed to publish the results, has not done so. Due to an abysmal result for Biden, and since Buttigieg funding the app , and his campaign manager accidently publishing pin codes to change results online. Not good for anyone. Also, rigged. At least, Bernie won ??


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