James Got His First Taste of Dragon

Published on August 30, 2022

With Ian Karmel performing stand-up later in the show, co-head writer Lauren Greenberg sits in with James who admits he watched “House of the Dragon” – his first taste of the “Game of Thrones” franchise. And when it comes to 2024 (in 2022) it’s all about Bernie right now.

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  • muhammad wahyu hidayat 2 years ago

    #JamesCorden x #RhettAndLink together to work for Kidnap #OneDirection fans

  • Tim Li 2 years ago

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  • Ha-ly_xoxo 2 years ago


  • Tufail Muhammad 2 years ago

    When will you invite amir khan.

  • Tom King 2 years ago

    brah.. read the books.

  • Lupe A 2 years ago

    So many TV Shows it feels like another baby boom haha

  • kingofthesharks 2 years ago

    Haven’t started House of the Dragon yet but will jump in maybe next month and binge! Have no reason to believe it’ll be bad like GoT season 8 since the lore is relatively complete/written and the Game of Thrones showrunners haven’t returned…and instead the show’s being helmed by Miguel Sapochnik (the best director from GoT).
    I wonder what Westeros house the Late Late Show crew would be a part of hmmmm

  • John Marks 2 years ago

    Jesus loves you


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