James Corden Rates Trump’s Royal Performance

Published on June 6, 2019

James Corden, host of ‘The Late Late Show’ and the 73rd Annual Tony Awards, wonders about what Donald Trump and Queen Elizabeth II discussed during their 90-minute conversation. #LSSC #Colbert #TonyAwards

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  • kirsty Gunn 2 years ago

    Garry willmott is a really talented actor and entertainer

  • New Message 2 years ago

    I would have given my left nut to see the Queen slap Donnie’s hand away, and tell him off right then and there.

  • El Loco 2 years ago

    James Corden on your show for 10 minutes is a sure-fire way to chase viewers away.

  • Jon 2 years ago

    Wait… so fat Brit and thin American? Que Stephen’s Reagan impersonation.

  • anthony cheesman 2 years ago

    I always feel like he’s different when he has other talk show host on lol

  • grey alien 2 years ago

    We think he’s a intellectually malnourished vile masoginistic Rat who’s organisation was convicted of racially profiling his tennants so in anybodys book that also makes him a certified racist yep we know exactly what that CUNT is

  • piplupcola 2 years ago

    I like James Corden he’s hilarious . Just not when he’s doing his cringey scripted show

  • Man O War 2 years ago

    The irony of ANY anglo speaking on the fascism of Donald Trump is hilarious.

  • DOUGLAS HOTCHKISS 2 years ago

    Trump in uk -monty python meets benny hill.

  • John Ho 2 years ago

    talking to someone about climate change is tough when he believes wind mill causes cancer

  • JiminsWorldWideJams 2 years ago

    Corden very smoothly dodged the PROTOCOL question!!! made it all about his ridiculous experience!!! ??????

  • Metal Head 2 years ago

    James Corden used to be decent back in the UK.But overall he is extremely unfunny and talentless guy.I wonder how he got this show.Does couple of ride with celebreties in the car and hosts game shows.Thats about it

  • Hazel McCloy 2 years ago

    Was he in fat friends?

  • Sean R 2 years ago

    I wonder if they’ll discuss his recent AMA on reddit?

  • Jeremy Korn 2 years ago

    Tool Opiate or Eulogy?

  • Terry Black 2 years ago

    R.i.p Gary wilmott.

  • Joey Wang 2 years ago

    His carpool karaoke is pure genius. His father’s remembering more than twenty years later that his boy had a wish standing outside the Adelphi, now that was the key moment of this interview.

  • Diana Mitford 2 years ago

    Craig Ferguson was better than this chubby clown from England

  • Loh Diwei 2 years ago

    James Corden in the theatre? No problem. Falstaff. Once. Then retire the part.

  • jzilla1234 2 years ago

    the only person hated by the brits more than trump is james unfunny corden


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