James Corden Pays Tribute to Kobe Bryant

Published on January 27, 2020

James Corden remembers the legacy of Kobe Bryant following the tragic news of a helicopter crash that took the life of the NBA legend, daughters and 7 other souls.

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  • FallopianJones 8 months ago

    James is fake asf

  • Me Xxie 8 months ago

    Rest in peace everyone that was involved ❤️

  • rmafans 8 months ago

    Rip kobayee

  • John sweda 8 months ago

    He halves a dream for the world youtu.be/sjmT-zx4nyI

  • Aaliyah Simon 8 months ago

    Unfortunately, in life we experience tragedy’s, it sucks, life can be so cruel. I’m crying because I feel the pain for his wife and the family of the other 7 onboard. I haven’t spoken to my dad in 3 years, I rang him, and told him I love him, just so he knows… RIP beautiful ones. Sleep tight ❤️

  • eric martin Bosse 8 months ago

    You are a gentleman and a scholar James. Well said 🙂

  • Sam Tak 8 months ago


  • Fall 8 months ago

    ALSO R.I.P to the rest of the other lives that we’re lost that day.

  • Ava Waters 8 months ago

    this made me cry

  • James Strong 8 months ago

    It was probably 30 minutes from the initial crash it was 4:20 am here in the Philippines before I typed my password on my mini iPad I got a notification that say exactly Kobe Bryant passes away. I looked at it confused for about a minute like it must mean something completely different like it was a joke or a prank or something other I just can’t believe.

  • Ryalz ツ 8 months ago

    my thoughts and prayers go out to Vanessa and her children it is unimaginable to lose both your husband and child within an instance. I know Vanessa and her children will never get past this but i hope they will find the strength to move forward and laugh at the memories that they have of Kobe and Giana. Although Time does make it better the scar is left behind and will continue to be their until the day you die. The impact that Kobe had on the NBA was insane and I truly believe we won’t see anything like it again, besides the impact and legacy he left on the court he also made an impact on kids around the world. He was a huge role model for the younger generation and will continue to be for upcoming generations. Although we are feeling sad we should be happy knowing that he is in a better place now. This tragedy will take a while to sink in. As of his daughter passing with him as well makes the tragedy way worse. I can’t even imagine how Kobe felt when he knew that his life was about to end as well as his daughter and he couldn’t do anything about it.

    Kobe Bryant
    August 23,1978-January 26,2020

    Gianna Bryant
    May 1,2006-January 26-2020

  • Marilyn Monroe 8 months ago

    Rip to the greatest basketball player of all time.????

  • Kendra Voracek 8 months ago


  • Amaze 8 months ago


  • Ashutosh Patil 8 months ago

    I still remember that episode where james asks kobe if he notices celebrities sitting in front row while playing and he said no.
    ” When I’m in there, I’m by my business”. Then cara Delevingne said many players do notice it. And then he said ” They probably wouldn’t have won championship either”. A true legend.

  • NY 7 8 months ago

    Hero’s get remembered, but legends never die. 8/24

  • m 8 months ago

    Hold your loved ones close… How life can change and be gone instantaneously.

  • Sirama 8 months ago

    RIP John Altobelli, Keri Altobelli, Alyssa Altobelli, Christina Mauser, Sarah Chester, Payton Chester, Pilot Ara Zobayan, Gianna Bryant, and Kobe Bryant. The whole Altobelli family has passed. Mr. Mauser and his three small children mourn an amazing coach who pushed to empower female basketball players. The Chester family now faces life without a mother and daughter. Pilot Zobayan is missed by all his students and his family. Kobe and Gianna Bryant are forever in the memories of Mrs. Bryant and daughters. May we all love far more and learn to enjoy every second we are alive.

  • adam 8 months ago

    He took a break from eating, thats how you know hes serious.

  • Wonderworld0000 8 months ago

    Omg! I am still trying to digest this news. God Bless You All, the strangers, but we are all human beings.


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