James Corden on Gun Control in America

Published on February 21, 2018

After 17 people were murdered in a mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, James looks at measures other countries have taken to curb gun violence and wonders why Americans continue to refuse to make any changes.

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  • Deven Damji 2 years ago

    Fallon: best guests
    Kimmel: best interviews
    Colbert: entertaining and socially conscious
    Corden: best remotes (since Conan’s reduced the number of remotes he does)
    Meyers: entertaining and socially conscious with less celebrity value

  • Cody Whitlock Sun 2 years ago

    Never have I ever clicked on a notification so quick, I wanted to see what he has to say ????

  • Ayan Khan 2 years ago

    NYC video sir

  • Rebal Al-ajourea 2 years ago


  • Yo eyo bruv 2 years ago

    Omg I’m so early

  • Serasia 2 years ago

    Not ONLY is our gun control off the rails but our healthcare is shit so anyone who gets shot has to pay a helluva lot. It’s a horrible combination.
    Oh God….I am sorry you had to hear that ridiculous argument! Our Constitution is so old and needs to be fixed. It’s barely history anymore because we’ve just turned it into an excuse to be murderous assholes.

  • Feather Pendergrass 2 years ago

    I agree with James

  • Deboshree Dey 2 years ago

    Tooo good james

  • Omeid Majd 2 years ago

    Early squad and his speech was beautiful

  • MR. Eugene 2 years ago

    Nothing will change in the US knowing how this system works nobody will change anything due to our amendments smh

  • craZmanGaming 2 years ago

    You’re so damn right! Gun control for the win

  • Danielys Muñoz 2 years ago

    Smh so just because he’s not from me here, he can’t make a comment about something? Wow lol I’m not from here either but yet I don’t like Orange guy, and I don’t agree with some of the laws that they have. People can say what they choose!!

  • Rose Du 2 years ago

    Preach mister corden ??

  • m3murray 2 years ago

    While the number of legally owned guns has remained relatively constant, regulating them can’t and won’t be the proper method of dealing with why these things happen. Sure they are a mechanism but certainly not the cause. The only thing I can think that’s changed in the past 100 years are as follows. It’s easy to reform a law , but not easy to reform a culture


    Social media overload
    huge increase in mental pharmaceuticals
    Less in person social activity
    Distrust in society

  • summercherry123 2 years ago

    A very thoughtful message. This is about what is the right thing to do. Don’t let greed and pride to prevent the right thing to be done.

  • Jenny Purcell 2 years ago

    Makes a lot of sense, laws are man made, and can be changed.

  • Kristi Lee 2 years ago

    Well said, James! You keep speaking out! ?

  • Valerie 89 2 years ago

    Beautifully said. ??

  • Serasia 2 years ago

    I really don’t know why people in America think having better, safer gun laws is infringing on rights when it’s an even bigger and worse infringement to die for someone else’s rights and fuckups. I’m an American and I don’t understand why guns are more important than our children’s and fellow adult citizens’ lives.

  • lauren.c 2 years ago

    This was very well said..??????


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