James Corden on Brexit: Vote to Stay in the EU

Published on June 23, 2016

On the eve of the United Kingdom’s vote to determine its affiliation with the European Union, James Corden shares his support for Britain staying in the EU.

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  • sorry guys i'm at 1% 4 years ago


  • Lena Despotovic 4 years ago

    the best

  • Sami Malik 4 years ago

    so close

  • Lily Steele 4 years ago

    Hey i love u❤️❤️

  • Alma Deanda 4 years ago

    Snapshot is ameri Lara

  • Charlotte Grace 4 years ago

    Leave more like

  • s4m155 4 years ago


  • Raylynn Cambray 4 years ago


  • SwagChima4 4 years ago


  • thisis741 4 years ago

    ‘The barriers should be coming down, not coming up.’ #Remain

  • Madeleine Green 4 years ago

    What do you mean you’re British James??? WOW didn’t see that coming :)

  • jack theca 4 years ago

    This is some North Korean level propaganda

  • ForevrFloral 13 4 years ago

    I agree they should stay in the EU.

  • Jasen Petersburg 4 years ago


  • Tassila Alcantara 4 years ago

    i am brazilian ,and i love

  • Evie Bayliss 4 years ago

    Yes Vote in

  • Emily 01 4 years ago

    I am so early ????

  • Coos Oorlog 4 years ago

    racists and nativists = leave
    awesome people and moderates = remain

  • Cadburys Not Kisses 4 years ago


  • BJGaming 4 years ago

    Were all in this together!!! HSM reference

  • Carla Luvs Unicorns 4 years ago

    plz have brendon urie on carpool kareoke! thumbs up if u agree

  • skevola 4 years ago

    Well said, James. Saludos from Spain!

  • sarina 4 years ago

    how everyone is clapping without having the slightest bit of a clue…

  • stobart stig 4 years ago

    I’ll vote to stay in Europe if America dismantles there border fences
    then…. I take it you’re doing a postal vote James

  • Scott Mason-Cherry 4 years ago


  • Conor McGregor's Pool Noodle 4 years ago

    says the guy making a living in America

  • Trashash Covers 4 years ago

    I am the best SINGER :D

  • Fenny Helgi 4 years ago

    I don’t agree with what James says here, but man I respect him for sharing
    his thoughts on the subject -many TV-personalities could learn from that :)

  • Sakk 1 4 years ago

    voting out purely because we need to break down walls from europe who block
    us dealing with the rest of the world

  • Andy Bremner 4 years ago

    Lol, you’ve fucked off to America and made your money, your opinion is

  • matthew bristow 4 years ago

    now explain to everyone in the audience that we pay £350 million a week
    into a broken system only ti get under half back and that any laws that are
    set have to be vetoed by a group of different countries leaders .. James
    “Colon” you are a arse

  • MrQbenDanny 4 years ago

    England for the great native BRITISH! It’s traditions, customs, civility,
    and elegance. James, it’s The United Kingdom, not Islamic Kingdom. Get your
    independence England, you will find out it’s the best choice. Long live
    Churchill and Thatcher! English language and culture forever!

  • Greta finz 4 years ago

    Wow! Great job on the Brexit message. From the heart!

  • isaac garcia 4 years ago

    they’re gonna leave, I hope not but is more provable for Britain to exit
    the EU

  • Mike Carr 4 years ago

    James you literally said nothing but a bunch of bullshit

  • Steve W 4 years ago


  • Max Mad 4 years ago

    Of course the fat fuck liberal is for remain… KEK

  • soinorman 4 years ago

    Sorry James……….

    This is the last chance for our vote to have any worth. The greatest image
    of British democracy is the removal van outside number 10….
    If we stay in which party is in Government and who our Prime Minister is
    will become increasingly irrelevant. The power over them will reside with
    the 5 EU presidents. Not elected by us and not accountable to us.

    Try getting your American audience to whoop over that if applied to them.

    Great show…….REALLY great show.

  • Diana Doorley 4 years ago

    “Independent un-baised studies” hahaha no, and obviously big business
    owners want to stay in the EU, big corporations practically run the EU, and
    all legislation and regulation in regards to trade is to their favour. It’s
    the small businesses that are suffering, bucause that can’t afford to
    comply with all of these regulations, and they can’t compete. I love James
    Corden, I think he’s well intentioned, but the fact that he thinks this
    decision is so “clear”, just shows how uniformed and out of touch he is.

  • Luke Wilson 4 years ago

    piss off james vote out

  • Primordial Chunks 4 years ago

    Fuck the rich leave the EU

  • aperson22222 4 years ago

    “Now I’m not one to usually get [sic] very political . . . ” Umm, yeah you

    Also, if you’re going to do this sort of thing to try to sway an election,
    how about doing it before Election Day is half over?

  • - HIFBI 4 years ago

    I love u…….no homo

  • KILL THE FED 4 years ago

    This idiot would prefer for the population of his home country to NOT have
    a voice in their own political process. Do NOT be a naive fool and listen
    to people on TV that are controlled by those that own the networks they
    work for…..these puppets have a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT agenda. They want
    the entire world under one government. Do not fall for all of the false
    idols on TV telling the dumbed down masses to stay in the EU.

  • SineadKeri 4 years ago

    ok so all the stupid people are voting brexit. the credit campaign doesn’t
    state the figures and other things we get back from them.oh and yeah,brexit
    is supported by Donald trump,ukip and Boris Johnson whereas remain is
    supported by the prime minister,money admin and Chancellor,border security
    even Obama.think guys.your voting for the youths future

  • Ti Co 4 years ago

    ?? it’s a world community and I don’t understand them trying to break

  • Christian Matos 4 years ago

    It’s not my business, I’m not from britain but I’d vote to leave. If you
    stay you’re not even really a country anymore at least not “britain”.
    You’re just a state in a bigger country, you can’t really dictate anything
    it’s all done in Brussels by people that may not have your best interest at

  • KILL THE FED 4 years ago

    James maybe your fellow country men would prefer to stand on their own two
    feet for once and not spend the rest of their life sucking on the European
    Union’s nipple.

  • Jordy Fourteen 4 years ago

    James your acting is as bad as your interpretation of current affairs.
    Enjoy the California good life, mind your own business and cut out the fast

  • 031ish 4 years ago

    Why all the dislikes? What he said was beautiful! Lets just be honest here
    most of the people who want to leave are just ignorant racists that let
    national pride cloud their judgement. The world should be getting closer
    not further apart no matter what race, religion or sex you are.

  • Jasmine Johnston 4 years ago

    It’s extremely likely that we are going to leave the EU

  • Eunique Robinson 4 years ago

    What happened to the other video

  • Gemma Rose 4 years ago


  • Oliver Howlett 4 years ago


  • sweiland75 4 years ago

    A man who left the UK to find financial success is lecturing the UK against
    doing the same thing.

  • Plutot Crever 4 years ago

    WTF with all these TV clowns using their broadcasters air time to push for
    a political idea they dont know shit about ? Yes, you guess it. Its the
    BROADCASTERS who want their clowns to convey their bullshit. The
    broadcasters are part of and paid by the Big Corps. The EU is for THEM and
    they are losing this referendum. They are panicking. Oh, I almost forgot :
    Fuck You James Corden.

  • Skullmask clan 4 years ago

    Who else is glad to watch the Anna kendrick video first

  • Louis Audet 4 years ago


  • Jay Parikh 4 years ago

    i kinda want them to separate just cause i wanna see it fail miserably and
    have to beg the EU to let them back in

  • Josh Charlie 4 years ago

    Sorry but this is just stupid. Talking about barriers coming down but this
    is a huge, expensive and complex legal and political system that has the
    power to overrule democratically elected national governments. I’m prepared
    to let the economy hurt for a few years to ultimately protect democracy in

  • Louis Audet 4 years ago


  • Mystic Mac 4 years ago


  • sweiland75 4 years ago

    Why is that video featuring Anna Kendrick now private?

  • Daniel Wray (WWE Blogger) 4 years ago

    interesting point from a guy who went to the US to earn his living.

  • PwnedByyaMar 4 years ago

    They have no clue there when TTip is done Europe is in trouble from US.

  • Conrado Serpa 4 years ago

    Please, don’t listen to him. Vote to get out of this terrible deal.

  • Patrick Bright 4 years ago

    So this guy is basically a collectivist preacher. Independence is better
    with mutual assurances, not global submission.

  • ImPepsiMan 4 years ago

    Stay in

  • Emily Malcolm 4 years ago


  • chris georgiou 4 years ago

    Easy for him to say, he doesn’t have to live in parts of the country where
    people refuse to intergrate into society. I’m out

  • _antiqueri_ 4 years ago

    better together #preach

  • Mark Swainson 4 years ago

    If we vote leave, I’m packing bags and moving to Holland

  • Vanessa Virgo 4 years ago

    NO JAMES! Seriously, you have picked yourself up and moved to America, you
    cannot see the DISASTROUS effect being in the EU is doing to this country,
    I am from Manchester and believe me, it’s disgusting! Hoping that you have
    been forced to say this, you are from a poor background in London, you must
    know that leaving is the right decision!

  • GermanGoo 4 years ago

    No thanks Chubby!! Out,out,out!!!

  • Too High To Riot 4 years ago

    the lower/middle class will suffer a lot, there’s much at stake if we
    leave, many jobs will be lost, mortgages will increase to become
    unaffordable, only the rich are safe if this happens. we should honestly
    stay in the EU.

  • 123 456 4 years ago

    “Vote to stay in the EU” Hm not like he lives here anymore

  • James cheffins 4 years ago

    Yes James yes that’s what I am talking about

  • Chloe Paige 4 years ago

    well said! x

  • mcrazza 4 years ago

    Can’t make Americans care, James. Keep your quaint, inbred British affairs
    off American TV.

  • Time Lord Victorious 4 years ago

    I like him but he basically lives in America now, so he should keep his big
    butt out of it.

  • not so nice tracks 4 years ago

    Why are the Americans clapping most of don’t even know what the fucking Eu

  • MrCrumpetFTW 4 years ago

    Wow, the propaganda is real. #VoteLeave

  • TheCamscot 4 years ago

    No way am I voting to remain, I want the people who I vote into power to be
    able to decide our rules and regulations, not some unelected non-democratic
    presidents of the EU who no one knows who they even are! We will have at
    least £150million extra a week, which could be spent on the NHS or
    improving our communities. People say they are scared for our economy but
    look at the USA and China, the two largest economic super powers and they
    aren’t in the EU. We will not have to pay EU taxes and tariffs on importing
    and exporting either.

  • Michelle Tilley 4 years ago

    The problem about leaving the EU is that we don’t have anything to export,
    besides the financial services we offer – we import the majority of our
    goods, including our energy services. There’s a lot of people who are
    unaware of this, they’re focusing on what the newspapers have been
    reporting – which are completely biased (there’s a lot of facts that have
    been twisted) as Rupert Murdock wants to leave the EU and increase his own
    already monopolised business.

  • Diana Chavez 4 years ago

    Why the f*** is there so many dislikes? So much hate

  • Alyssa Hargreaves 4 years ago

    James I’m from the UK and I think we should leave the EU cos it is crap

  • happygoblin101 4 years ago

    well said???

  • Mike Morris 4 years ago

    Sick of millionaire celebrities having their say on this. Their say is
    influencing the people who are undecided when whatever decision will not
    effect celebs because of the money they have. The EU is a poisonous failing
    system and with more countries coming in that have a failing economy it
    means it’ll become even weaker. We need to save our country, save our
    health service, save our economy and protect our borders to have some form
    of control over them instead of happily opening the door to over 500,00,000
    people that are allowed to come in with no problem. VOTE LEAVE!

  • Whitney Garcia 4 years ago

    yes James, stay in! ?

  • Tattiio 4 years ago

    James i respect your opinion but when we say we want control of our borders
    we want a point based system like Australia, it would NOT stop people
    moving to our country but they would be background checked to the max and
    skilled in a profession we are looking to have! Another thing is that the
    EU controls our laws making it hard for us to change how many migrants we
    take in and how we control our borders.But the thing is all this
    scaremongering about money and how we would collapse if we stay it’s
    obviously not as bad as they say because why would David Cameron even call
    a referendum if it would cause such devastation to our economy/country.
    Finally i would like to point out you are not living in the country at this
    time and i presume wont be in the near future so why should we deal with a
    broken city from free flow of potential terrorists when you are not here
    and i dont want my children to be in a world where they wont be safe on
    their own doorstep because we could have left the EU and made it 100x safer
    for them. The world is not able to be together as one at this point in time
    so we need to do what we have to, to make sure we are safe.

  • MW 4 years ago

    People don’t understand that we can’t compete with China, US, Brazil etc if
    we leave, we need to be a collective bloc. Not only that the EU would fuck
    us in the arse with new trade deals to make a new example of us, if you
    have any basic knowledge of economics it’s a no brainer, we have to vote
    remain, the leave side are more about the soundbites saying we pay £350m to
    the EU a week, that’s bad on so many levels

  • CJTaylor 87 4 years ago

    thanks for sending us Trump James, I am going to get my trowel out and
    showcase my wall building skills on Hadrian’s wall, nothing like good roman
    engineering and then getting someone else to patrol it.

  • Tori Lee 4 years ago

    I wish I could vote. I have an opinion, and it’s a strong opinion, based on
    a lot of research.
    Unfortunately, the fact that I’m five months away from turning eighteen
    means that my opinion is invalid.
    Oh well…it’s not like it’s my future too or anything…!

  • Proven Records 4 years ago

    Government puppet. VOTE LEAVE !!!!

  • Reece Wilkins 4 years ago

    I will be voting Remain today, however I do think James was being pretty
    damn idiotic when he brought up a Tim Peake quote considering Tim Peake has
    said he supports the Leave campaign. James probably could’ve picked a
    better source for a supportive quote, Jo Cox for instance, “We have far
    more in common than that which divides us”.

  • gweirdpster 4 years ago



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