James Corden Discusses His Late Night Future

Published on April 28, 2022

James Corden takes a moment to share that he has signed a contract to host The Late Late Show for one more year, but that it will be his last as the show’s host. So buckle up for one gigantic final run!

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  • Constantin Kwiatkowski 1 year ago

    I guess he got enough money not to work anymore or will go to another channel so he will get more money and he can air the new show prime-time. maybe he will replace another host…..

  • Natalie Baines 1 year ago

    I can’t stand him.

  • Joey Abina 1 year ago

    wow! sad news indeed. wishing you the best of luck James! Hope the next host will pick up this current late show team. incredible team.

  • Douglas Bull 1 year ago

    I love you James (says a 77 yr old , heterosexual man)

  • Casluck Shazy 1 year ago

    This will be so so so sad… It all ends here coz James was so different this show will die here I can assure you

  • Amberle Warren 1 year ago

    James you and the ENTIRE STAFF have lifted our souls with being hilarious and yourselves. We appreciate EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!! The fact that we know most of the staff that is at least on the stage made it feel like family. I can’t wait to continue to laugh my asses off at y’alls talent!

  • ~Skips~ 1 year ago

    damn…does that mean we have to take him back in a year?!

  • Dr.T W L 1 year ago

    Bring Craig Ferguson back!

  • ISHIMWE Christian 1 year ago

    You watches

  • A fan 1 year ago

    But why???? Next year is too early James!!! =( It’s a popular show and has gotten even more popular since the pandemic and gang chat, etc. It also pays well, and is fun job too. Why would you want to risk going for other projects. We will miss this show on our daily schedules, unless you come up with a similar show that we can watch it daily on youtube too. No other late night shows have this casual style, and unique vibe. If there are anything that needs to be adjusted you could make that for the show but ending the show in one year without providing its equivalent replacement doesn’t do any good for anyone, and the vibe that James brings is totally different than other shows that have scripted jokes and conversations. James is a creative and charming character, and I hope he comes back with a regular show just like this if this show would end. #TheLateLateShowwithJamesCorden

  • Deborah Dhanaraj 1 year ago

    The monologues have become my comfort place the last 1 year. The Whole crew will be missed terribly. Let’s enjoy it while it lasts

  • Mohammadreza Ahmadilar 1 year ago

    Anyway I try looking at it. Without james de chemistry will change for the worst


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