James Corden Began the Day with a Fire Evacuation

Published on October 29, 2019

James Corden recaps the early start to his day, which began with a call to his home’s landline informing his family they all had to evacuate their home immediate due to a nearby fire, and he takes a moment to send both well wishes to anyone affected by the wildfires across California and the firefighters conquering them.

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  • GorillaKingCooper 7 months ago

    Those who have disliked this video should get a life!

  • Black Widow 7 months ago

    How the hell is he still funny while talking about fire evacuation?

    Gotta love this guy

  • Matt Hartley Jr 7 months ago

    I want to send all the best your family James as well as everyone that is dealing with these horrible fires in California right now & a massive thank YOU to those men & women that risking their own lives to putting them out ??‍♂️??

  • Cathleen Baldwin Maggi 7 months ago

    That was EPIC! Recognize! Glad you are safe and will keep Love and Light that your family home will also be safe.

  • directfunebru 7 months ago

    Well, you’ve voted in republicans for years.

    Eat climate change!

  • Jordan X 7 months ago

    Upload Kanye AT ONCE (please)

  • Marissa k 7 months ago

    THANK YOU FOR ACKNOWLEDGING THE FIRE FIGHTERS. My grandfather was a fire fighter for 25 years or so. I hope you & your family stay safe.

  • J. Montrice 7 months ago

    May God Bless the people of California and the firefighters. Be Safe everyone.

  • NATALIE SIMENTAL 7 months ago

    We had a fire drill at school today

  • Frederic Mari 7 months ago

    So… how about Californians show their appreciation for their firefighters with a pay raise? TBF, I actually know nothing about how much they’re getting paid. But my suspicions are that, like every public service in the US, AFAICT, they’re underpaid.

  • Paula Aasland 7 months ago

    Yes, Mahalo firefighters

  • john smith 7 months ago

    and most are broke of season

  • James Flowers 7 months ago

    Firefighters… thank you! Stay safe Californians!

  • Jesus Christ Is salvation 7 months ago

    (c” ತ,_ತ)

  • George J Cox 7 months ago

    Thank you to all the HERO in both USA and the UK. Thank you for being who you are

  • Akbarali Sodiqov 7 months ago

    Fortunately , the people on California were evacuvated on time .

  • carmen r 7 months ago

    Electrical companies are unwilling to upgrade their infrastructure to withstand California fires (just like building codes for California architecture) then maybe we as Californians need to forcefully shift our power to solar exclusively. Shutting power for already ravaged areas and the surrounding is not the fix; rather it is the salt on the wound!!! I believe Arizona has a law that requires A/C for all homes so maybe California should instate a law to require solar power to fire prone rural homes.

  • Logan Valdez 7 months ago

    My ultimate goal is firefighting. I want to be part of the help.

  • Kelli Barnhouse 7 months ago

    Trump could scamble the Military to use to dig fire lines the Miltary has bulldozers and other equipment of fighting fires!
    They have water trucks, and the extra personel that could Augment these fire departments in manpower!

  • Laura Gadille 7 months ago

    Stay safe CA


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