James Comey: Trump’s “Spygate” Claims Are Made Up – CONAN on TBS

Published on May 24, 2018

CONAN Highlight: “I don’t find it possible and I know it not to be true.” – James Comey responds to President Trump’s “spygate” tweets.

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  • Jaahed Shams 8 months ago


  • Merv Merv 8 months ago

    Conan got someone else who towers over him

  • Tyler Ziegler 8 months ago

    Conan is the friggin man

  • Krunkinnati 8 months ago

    Oh this comment section should be wonderful

  • Zoë 8 months ago

    conan is the best interviewer. we love an intellectual

  • Anna Lisa 8 months ago

    Great, refeshing honest interview!!

  • tayhammer 8 months ago

    Why is Comey playing dumb here? He missed a golden opportunity to clarify that it wasn’t a spy, but rather an informant the F.B.I. used in it’s investigation into the Trump campaign’s possible ties to Russia.

  • Plainglasswindows 8 months ago

    If you lefties are lionizing the FBI, you must be suffering from amnesia.

  • LaDonna Louise 8 months ago

    that floral bouquet is hideous.

  • Anthony Butler 8 months ago

    What, Trump made something up? Who would have thought that was possible?

  • scott stephens 8 months ago

    I cant tell parody from real life anymore.

  • Let's be Honest Official 8 months ago

    To become the FBI director, you have to be pretty tough. For example you can’t cry when you see cute kittens. That’s why he has those massive bags under his eyes. They’re filled with hidden happy tears

  • Epic Erik 8 months ago

    I just hate it when when comedy guys politicize their shows i hope that Conan doesnt keep doing this its getting lame

  • Victorious_Geek 8 months ago

    C’mon guys. Spygate is just as serious as Pizzagate, and the Bowling Green Massacre 🙄

  • Cassandra Tried 8 months ago

    Comey is cool for going on Conan

  • 森本ボリス 8 months ago

    james comey has NO credibility. he leaked info, which would be a jailable offense to u or me, but gets no punishment. in fact he is rewarded by a book deal, television appearances and celebrity

    he said what hillary clinton did was irresponsible or whatever and that the fbi wouldnt pursue a case?! wtf?!? he should be in jail, she should be in jail, uma abedin should be in jail. trump should thank comey and the democrat party for being elected. i think bernie sanders would have beaten trump had the democrat party got rid of the stink that was hillary but she’s still got sauce..

  • sharan srinivas 8 months ago

    Jeez, those under eye bags are creeping me out!

  • cobra ksi 8 months ago

    Comey a true Snake and 🐺 wolf another liar

  • Holy Land 8 months ago

    Biggest-inauguration-crowd-gate, Scam-university-gate, Steal-from-charity-gate, Save-jobs-in-China-gate, I-don’t-know-hush-money-o-wait-I-did-gate, But-but-Hillary-gate, Send-navy-seal-to-die-first-week-in-office-gate, Insult-gold-families-gate, bone-spur-gate, Insult-war-hero-gate, I-don’t-recall-gate, Many-people-say-gate, Nobody-knows-it’s-complicated-gate, John-Barron-gate, John-Miller-gate, Tough-rough-top-cop-in-Chicago-gate, Dear-friend-Jim-stopped-visiting-Paris-gate, …

  • x2yll l 8 months ago

    Why does Conan attract so many Trump trolls lol. Even Kimmel doesn’t get this much routine hate when it comes to political based interviews or monologues. People are soft.


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