James Comey: If You Went Up Those Stairs, You Committed A Crime. You Are Going To Be Found.

Published on January 13, 2021

Former FBI Director James Comey says it is important to find out why the Capitol building was so poorly defended, and he is confident that every single person who took part in the attack will be arrested by the FBI. You can hear more from James Comey in his new book, “Saving Justice: Truth, Transparency, and Trust.” #Colbert #SavingJustice #JamesComey

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  • Travis Webb 11 months ago

    Comey has turned out to be a bitch so why are we talking to him? Oh right money and book deals make sense.

  • Nigel Nix 11 months ago

    Did Comey take a Bob Ross course?

  • Ivan Reyes 11 months ago

    comey “saved justice” ????

  • Nathalie Dufour 11 months ago

    Is everybody finally taking the blindfold off in the USA ? The guy is a psychopath, his enablers as well as his family are perfectly aware of it from day 1. Too late now, the damage is done and deep

  • MrTheLuckyshot 11 months ago

    Comey should never be platformed. 2016.

  • dmlevitt 11 months ago

    Steven you are my hero. you are no zero. love to you brother.

  • Chels Cara 11 months ago

    Then make the proceedings no cameras. He can’t control his trial. Stop being babies about it and throw the asshole in prison

  • eddyecho 11 months ago

    No offense to comey, but if he had delayed that bombshell nothingburger announcement 4 years ago, none of this would have happened.

  • XYZ 11 months ago

    Dumpster Truck would have won no matter what, but many voters remained home because of Comey’s move, and that makes him despicable, and in my opinion his move was utterly and reprehensibly narcissistic, he still doesn’t see, still doesn’t acknowledge how his move was all about him, just about him, about how it makes him look, and it was not about country and democracy, it was all about Comey and his need for attention and to be in the middle of world attention at least for a few moments and to be the defining person in the given situation. I despise him for it. I get queasy and nauseous whenever I see him. And there is no forgiveness for what he has done. No acquittal! he is a terrible liar and hypocrite, he deserves all the contempt of the world.

  • Jyrki Seppälä 11 months ago

    Don’t you think that in American political system the president has too much power?

  • Ori Halicon 11 months ago

    Trump supporters always talk about moving to Costa Rica 🇨🇷…. look at all flights being booked

  • Genys Boogiedaddy 11 months ago

    Now Comey just gave Trump an idea: fire the head of the FBI.

  • Montreal MUFC 11 months ago

    Tico-Tico no Fubá!

  • Miche Yahla 11 months ago

    Is this man for real. He is partly responsible of this madness. Now he thinks trump must not be put to justice?
    WTF!!!! 🤬🤬🤬

  • tetleydidley 11 months ago

    Couldn’t disagree more with Comey. Arresting, prosecuting and punishing Donald Trump must be the primary business of the United States. The nation can only heal when we confront the disease. Right now DISINFORMATION is the most serious disease inflicting us. And the Chief Disinformer of the public is Donald Trump. I mean come on already, the coronavirus won’t be defeated if people think vaccines were made with tracking chips by Bill Gates. It won’t be defeated if people don’t mask up and social distance. The economy is not going to improve if all that people buy are guns and ammos. Donald Trump is not a distraction, he is the root cause! Let TEAM FAUCI deal with the science and implementation. Joe Biden wouldn’t have any cred with right wingers anyway if he starts to get involved too much. Leave public health to the real doctors.

  • gallopingLake6 11 months ago

    Ford’s pardon of Nixon led to a president like Trump. Imagine what allowing Trump to face no accountability will lead to a future president were sedition is no longer a crime if it’s carried out by the highest office of the land. I disagree strongly with Comey.

  • Ele Mark 11 months ago

    Comey is so honest man!

  • arthurneddysmith 11 months ago

    How about if James Comey guarantees that people who interfered with elections (say the 2016 one, for example) and breached the Hatch Act are going to be found? He wouldn’t have to search too far.

  • Ian Battles 11 months ago

    These people beat a cop to death and were allowed to walk away…

  • John Bockkom 11 months ago

    Your man on the piano, aka fingers, man he sure can play, great band!


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