James Burrows On The Making Of “Cheers” | Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend

Published on September 5, 2022

Conan chats with director James Burrows about the experience of creating “Cheers.” Hear more from this episode @ https://listen.teamcoco.com/XQlyhC8W

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  • Colonel Angus 1 year ago

    Great interview!

  • TobinRnr 1 year ago

    If you’re under 30 and haven’t seen Cheers, find episodes here on Youtube. They hold up incredibly well over time. The writers respected the intelligence of the audience unlike most of network TV today.

  • jrpipik 1 year ago

    I loved Cheers from the first, but as the series went on, Sam seemed to become dumber and dumber. It made a great contrast with Diane and must’ve been great fun to write — it was always funny! But I’m just not as interested in having a dumb protagonist in my living room every week.

  • Beverly Sewing & Vacuum 1 year ago

    tee hee hee (Love it)

  • tschw 1 year ago

    Liking your content, you and your crew continue to amuse me.

  • DLZ2000 1 year ago

    There may have been an ironclad rule that the status quo had to be maintained in the 1950s and 1960s, but I Love Lucy and Get Smart broke those rules. Both shows did entire seasons that were serialized.

  • Fantasmister 1 year ago

    For any comedy writer, Fawlty Towers is still a good high bar to set yourself.

  • Derrick Parker 1 year ago

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  • Eduardo A. Saad 1 year ago

    Fascinating. James Burrows is brilliant, and Conan is brilliant, being so appreciative of the great work of great professionals (actors) on Cheers, and the great stories Burrows shared. On his shows Conan was brilliant in showcasing his guests; I especially enjoyed a couple of great moments by Flula Borg and, more recently, Tig Notaro, who is also brilliant and amazing. Thanks Conan, for these moments I have enjoyed so much. Best wishes to you and your closest ones. E

  • DW808 1 year ago

    CHEERS was a perfect show. All the way down to the theme song. Perfection. Easily top 5 greatest sitcoms of all time, IMHO.

  • Dr.Trebuchet 1 year ago

    Norm as the barfly is so iconic in cheers that in star trek ds9 they created a alien called Morn to be a barfly for Quark’s bar.

  • Dennis Bunik 1 year ago

    Sam: “You’re drunk”….Diane: “well you’re stupid, at least I’ll be sober in the morning”

  • Davett53 1 year ago

    We all have our favorite watering hole, tavern, & dive bar, but rarely are they filled with so many endearing , quirky, and colorful regulars. The cast was a great ensemble. Woody, Cliff, & Norm always cracked me.

  • andrew Dup 1 year ago

    They should have the mics separate from the table, it’s an easy fix for this like absent-mindedly hitting the desk.

  • Barrett Pickett 1 year ago

    As a tourist you go to Boston and see cheers. Turns out to be a replica but still a lot of fun. Such a great show.


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