Jake Tapper’s Tweet to Nathan Fillion Landed Him a Cameo on The Rookie

Published on November 2, 2022

Jake Tapper talks about watching the World Series during commercial breaks on CNN, tries to tell the difference between Seth’s dad and former Philadelphia Phillies player Mike Schmidt and discusses making a cameo on an episode of The Rookie with his son.

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  • Terry Weatherford 5 months ago

    Love Jake!

  • glad lawson 5 months ago

    Kelly Gruber was the greatest 3rd baseman.

  • Napalm Holocaust 5 months ago

    Microwave ovens were commercially available in 1947. Not the 80’s.

  • TheMechanic 5 months ago

    The Rookie is litearlly Hero Washed Propaganda.

  • Cancun771 5 months ago

    At a recent rally, Obama actually said the quiet part out loud: the Dems *refuse to punish* the Jan 6 ringleaders in order to *stoke outrage to make political hay.*
    It had become painfully obvious months and months ago that this was their strategy. The Dems themselves have been _funding_ several far right Trump supporters and election deniers on multiple ballots up and down the country. They are obviously under the assumption that wackos like MTG will be easy to defeat even by the stuffed shirts and bland bureaucrats they prefer to run. Not to mention the corporate shills.
    They have drawn out these congressional hearings to the midterms and would love to feast on Trump’s subpoena all the way to the 2024 presidential election. Needless to mention they don’t even _plan_ to enforce that subpoena and drag him to Washington. IOW they want to stage a political show trial in the court of public opinion when what democracy in America actually needs is *_actual judicial trials_* for _all_ the insurrectionists and stiff judicial sentencing of _all_ the Jan 6 ringleaders.
    So the Dem strategy is still guided by the _same_ thinking as Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign when it already blew up in their faces rather spectacularly, and not for the first time either. I think it will do so again in the midterms. Those who refuse to learn from history etc. (which in this case is the Dem establishment leadership, the Pelosis and the Schumers and the Garlands.)
    Refusing to punish the guilty is the ultimate cover-up, no matter how much publicity is generated for their crimes.
    And those who are part of the cover-up, are part of the crime.
    Get S. K e n_d z i o r on the show. Listen to the Gaslit Nation podcast.

  • Like Bot 5 months ago

    You know what never makes it to Corrections?
    The clips are always put up out of order. Does that count, or is Scollins your intern?

  • Cancun771 5 months ago

    Remember when Nathan Filion promoted that extremely dumb and obvious Solar Roadways scam?

  • Pras Fidelis 5 months ago

    Jake, why put on a tie on CNN Tonight? the semi-casual look was working.

  • Homid T. 5 months ago

    is that the Oura Ring he’s wearing?

  • bubblesezblonde 5 months ago

    Newspapers. Coccoon. Baseball cards.

  • Michael Tudda 5 months ago

    Tapper is the dumbest.

  • Wendigo63 Music! 5 months ago

    Hey. HEY. Newspapers are technology too.

  • Kate 5 months ago

    I like The Rookie too, but I dropped everything at covid.

  • Arational 5 months ago

    Nathan Fillion is another nice Canadian.

  • Matt 5 months ago

    I love Natan Fillion. Watched every episode of Castle. But I just can’t watch any more Copaganda these days.

  • Steve Chance 5 months ago

    Jake Tapper, you need to watch the series “Firefly” with your son. Nathan was great in that series too.

  • Ace C 5 months ago

    So cute! The Rookie is an excellent show ❤❤

  • Keith Grillo 5 months ago

    Fox viewers: he’s one of us!

  • Darren Kennedy 5 months ago

    When Jake Tapper stays for a second segment, it’s offically a Double Tapper.


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