Jake Tapper: Warren, Biden & Sanders Will Go All The Way To The Convention

Published on September 13, 2019

The host of CNN’s ‘The Lead with Jake Tapper,’ who claims he’s not good at making predictions, tells Stephen Colbert how he thinks the Democratic Presidential primary will play out. #Colbert #LateShowLIVE #JakeTapper

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  • ChaosLord 8 months ago

    I just want to make it clear to the advertisers that, even though I’m in ‘murriKKKa, I don’t give two flying fucks about football or McDonald’s, and the only reason I saw your ad is because I don’t have an ad-blocker on my phone…


  • Louis Gonzalez 8 months ago

    Yang 2020

  • Hgxl 8 months ago

    It’s depressing to see all the toxic Bernie bros in the comments.

    I’m fine with Bernie. I’d vote for him if he was the candidate and wouldn’t consider if voting for a less evil. But these Bernie Bros need to get a grip. He’s not a prophet from god, hes not the only one with decent ideas, he’s not perfect and he’s not the only one capable of beating Trump. By all means continue your enthusiastic support for him, but don’t make your sole expression of that antagonism towards any other candidate.

  • Carol Meade 8 months ago

    Too bad MSM ignores Andrew Yang?

  • Seun Olanrewaju 8 months ago

    I don’t think his message is “feel me”

    That was good, Jake ?

  • Synathidy 8 months ago

    Bernie, for me, has always been like the bad boy candidate who lives down the street that you have the biggest crush on, but you know your parents won’t accept him because he rides a motorcycle, wears black leather, and is just too “radical.” Everyone keeps trying to steer me towards those other “more respectable,” preppy, and tame candidates who are just kind of bland and boring.
    Well I’ve decided enough is enough and I’m going to follow my heart now! I’ve ALWAYS loved Bernie, he’s the ONLY one for me, and I’m want HIM to be my president! I’ve felt that way since he was first a candidate, and I’m not going to deny my feelings anymore!

  • joyce russell 8 months ago

    Love Warren… Mayor Pete

  • Hona Wikeepa 8 months ago

    Real Pedo-fest happening in here.

  • Dewayne Thomas 8 months ago

    Bernie’s policies still won’t pass if he becomes President. Yang’s are the only ones that are even remotely bipartisan and quarter of republicans already came out supporting UBI. The only thing Obama and Bernie accomplished with 2 years of a full majority congress was pass ACA, and it sucked. And it still sucks. Not to mention it brought about the Opioid crisis.

  • Vfdking 8 months ago

    Shame they didn’t talk about Yang at all. He’s numbers went way up after the debate, he’s polling higher than Beto, Booker, Castro. He’s got ideas I really like, if you haven’t heard much about him keep a critical mind to his policies. He makes some really great points with a lot of data. Sadly candidates like him are getting ignored by the media, just like this. I mean come on, Jake Tapper is a journalist and called himself a nerd for knowing a Congress Tape. He’s not a journalist, he’s an entertainer, just like Colbert. This is just media to put an opinion fout for a broad audience.

  • lockergr 8 months ago

    I see that you guys decided to put the awful outro music back. ?

  • D M 8 months ago

    Tapper is hot!

  • Chris 8 months ago

    Chief Running Bull at it again!

  • whatsuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 8 months ago

    Warren voted for trumps war funding, she is not as enthusiastic about Medicare for all, her climate plan isnt ambitous enough and she recntly visted Hillary Clinton. The only candidate who can guarantee the change that is needed is Bernie. Warren for Bernies VP 2020

  • Anthony Nittolo 8 months ago

    Wheres the #yanggang?

  • POP 8 months ago

    Killer Mike said it best.
    We all all slaves.
    The candidates are masters..
    But which master is going to do the most for us?

  • canpfire 8 months ago

    Colbert,”Is one of them going to drop out and the other go against Biden?” This die-hard supports Biden who has no policies, dementia and is old school along with other serious flaws. The 3 who will inevitably be the frontrunners are Yang,Sanders and Warren.

  • Michael 8 months ago

    Can anyone else hear moments of Coopers laugh from Tapper…?

  • RubelliteFae 8 months ago

    Bernie didn’t “stay in.” He accepted that the DNC was against him and stood behind Clinton.


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