Jake Tapper Talks About His Stephen Miller Interview

Published on January 12, 2018

Jake Tapper reflects on his interview with Trump official Stephen Miller and explains whether or not he has empathy for the fallen members of the Trump administration.

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  • Albert Chen 9 months ago

    Obsequious and factotum, two words Trump probably doesn’t know what they meant.

  • b d 9 months ago

    was stephen miller high? jesus christ

  • vaas daas 9 months ago

    I am third here, can´t believe it. Miller is a tool.

  • Sean Nelson 9 months ago

    I like Jake Tapper more and more these days.

  • CastAway_Dave 9 months ago

    Joseph Goebbels

  • SilkSatin Paradise 9 months ago

    Stephen Miller looks a lot like Michael Falk from the Onion News Network.

  • Dave 9 months ago

    Obsequious and factotum

  • shannon lyons murphy 9 months ago

    “Research team panty wetter”

  • Harvey Specter 9 months ago

    Jeez Miller sounded like a creep robot! Even the Westworld robots seem to be more human. Anyways, he knows that he’s got to lick Trump’s balls to keep his job.

  • Freely Liberal 9 months ago

    Maybe it’s just me, but Miller’s voice and eyes make him come across as stoned.

  • J R 9 months ago

    Is miller on drugs

  • Toad Jiang 9 months ago

    Stephen Miller was like a broken robot who refused to answer any question but kept repeating the same ass-kissing BS about Trump over and over again, yet he had the nerve to accuse Jake Tapper for not giving him more time to orally please his Dear Leader even more. The guy is such a sycophantic cuck!

  • Christian O. Holz 9 months ago

    Jake Tapper did his journalistic duty. Don’t normalize erratic behavior by a guest

  • Knob Jockey 9 months ago

    Obsequious, sycophants, apple-polishers, arse-lickers. Factotum is too kind for these people. Miller is doing what Cenk Uygur calls “fluffing the president”. A dog humping a stuffed toy has more dignity than Trump’s flunkies.

  • garrithscots 9 months ago

    Elon Musk is a self-made billionaire, Trump was given seed millions to get started. I too must be genius due to me increasing my wealth thousands of times over. Then again, I started with nothing, no daddy to give me money.

  • Bahb Fletcher 9 months ago

    Stephen Miller could have an amazing career in Crime Shows as a dangerous criminal psychopath. I have never seen such dead eyes on a breathing human.

  • Jasmine 9 months ago

    “…but we got Miller” 🤣🤣🤣

  • Kim Jong Fun 9 months ago

    I watched that interview, it was a total waste of 12 minutes, and all Miller did was repeating “Trump is great!”, “He’s a political genius!”, “Self-made billionaire”, “He beat Hillary!”, “Trump’s farts are so yummy!” over and over and over again. Tapper should have cut him out sooner.

  • TheGholiday 9 months ago

    Jake Tapper displayed a high level of professionalism during the miller interview. The trump team could certainly learn how to be professional.

  • 00 0 9 months ago

    Stephen Miller aka the national forehead reserve


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