Jake Tapper Speculates on the Outcome of the Russia Probe

Published on December 5, 2018

Jake Tapper talks about Robert Mueller’s investigation, his daughter writing her first book and his involvement with military charities.

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  • Helio Centrism 10 months ago


  • HipJunkster 10 months ago

    Go, Mueller! You got this!

  • Shaft Canyoudigit 10 months ago

    It is completely inappropriate for a journalist to speculate on these matters.

  • Donna Willams 10 months ago

    Love Jake Tapper and Seth..2 great guys.

  • Boobalopbop 10 months ago

    Yaaay! It’s my boyfriend! (He doesn’t know, yet)

  • Xander Dee 10 months ago

    Trump the traitor and his greasy kid are going to jail.

  • R O 10 months ago

    Jake Tapper; corporate tool & lazy “journalist”.

  • lking1540 10 months ago

    The russia investigation is huge joke at this point, it’s sad and Robert muller is a disgrace, and a con man. I have never been more embarrassed to be an American.

  • Clare Halacy 10 months ago

    I’m going to be upset if I never get to see a video of trump in handcuffs being escorted by law enforcement out of the White House. I know realistically, even in the best case scenarios, that’s a stretch but I have to hold out hope lol. I’m sure I could live without seeing that just as long as he sees the inside of a jail cell at some point, preferably gen pop.

  • Frank Perino 10 months ago

    Iking 1540…. your funny! I already live in Canada, Moron!

  • will crow 10 months ago

    Be careful where you send your donations for ‘the troops’ some Non-profit organisations pass very little of the actual money $$ to veterans and often pay their staff large sums. There are watch-dog groups who track this kind of thing. Look em up! God bless our vets!

  • pakpala1 10 months ago

    Jake Tapper is objective about every other issue except when it comes to right wing Israel policies.

  • MsBettyR. 10 months ago

    So true that not enough is being done for veterans. Here’s one small example. The Geriatric clinic for the Loma Linda VA in California is open ONE day a week, just one day. Getting an appointment is always more than a month out. How is that serving the older vets? There is clearly a demand for more days that clinic should be open. Instead of just thanking vets for their service, we should, as a country, be providing them with the services they need. Actions speak louder than words.

  • Joseph Ekins 10 months ago

    Ah yes, Bulgaria . Where they outsource American film jobs. Great place for a patriotic film

  • John O 10 months ago

    Trump should be the first indicted sitting president. I think hes earned it as a traitor

  • A. Randomjack 10 months ago

    Hey! I know an 11 year old girl who made a stunning speech at the UN

  • Geek Unicorn 10 months ago

    Jake’s tie looks fabulous

  • BigHoss81 10 months ago

    Tapper is likely correct, Trump won’t be indicted or face any time. The most likely scenario is a vague final report by Mueller where both sides claim victory. Those expecting fireworks will be thoroughly disappointed. Just because you hate Trump doesn’t mean he’s going to jail, but feel free to keep dreaming. The good news for you guys though is Trump has a very slim shot of winning in 2020.

  • kevinmuehl Muehlkevin 10 months ago

    *Trump is fucked*

  • Buck Wheat 10 months ago

    jake tapper always the best of course for what he does and who he is, being concerned about doing more for military veterans because of a suicide rate is high is worthy of any thoughts for benefits, but hey i know what can be done, quit sending these kids into other countries to war with dictators ruling the size of lands compared to rhode island or texas that shoot their mouth off to impress those that hate him and everything else because of stupid myths they believe that’s held them up in world time so they inherit some man made opium induced idea of a kingdom fluffy cloud somewhere in space (23 virgins or not) because they had shown so much patience of the oppressive bs in the first place no matter who’s president, or how many past relatives fought in past wars and conflicts coming home in a box or a basket case of brains that still hear artillery fire. that’d cut the number of veteran suicides down to none.


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