Jake Tapper on Election Liars, Elon Musk and the Failures of the Justice System

Published on November 2, 2022

Jake Tapper talks about how he is approaching coverage on CNN for the upcoming midterms, Elon Musk magnifying crazy news stories on Twitter and the failure of justice for C.J. Rice discussed in his Atlantic magazine cover story, This Is Not Justice.

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  • Roger Marceau 3 months ago

    Dear American friends, if you are not going to vote for the midterms, prepare to call yourselves citizens of the new Trumpian States of America. Do not expect that future elections, the justice system or political debates will save you. Only violence will.

  • JD The DJ 3 months ago

    The liars are you CNN. Nobody trusting you anymore.

  • Thomas Perkins 3 months ago

    What a terrible miscarriage of justice.

  • CultureClique 3 months ago

    Jack is right, there is no justice! If you are poor you are on your own!

  • Lignow 3 months ago

    You paid off left wing politico puppets need to take lessons from Carso – Leno – Ferguson etc.
    That was good entrainment. They made fun of life. sorors is having good laughs watching you
    and the msm stooges sing and dance to his commandments. Bumbling biden is sickly funny.

  • maddruid 3 months ago

    Neat. the guy that promoted Kushner’s book on twitter. Pass. I liked Tapper until Licht bought him.

  • Amy Lemley 3 months ago

    Great guest, great interview. So nice to see a Dad like Jake speak so lovingly and proudly about his son. And so refreshing to see Jake speak with such compassion about a kid damaged so unfairly by the criminal Justice system, especially when he acknowledges the white and economic privilege he has compared to the kid.

  • Arational 3 months ago

    Kari Lake will drown Arizonans in lies.

  • Matt Logic 3 months ago

    Jake Tapper has been a primetime CNN anchor for years instead of bitching about the sky and oh how sad and how it shouldn’t be like this he could buck up 50 grand for an appeal get the kid out in two weeks

  • Martijn Scheffer 3 months ago

    Elon Smuk

  • Unknown Commenter 3 months ago

    How does one ‘steal’ an election? Do they put it in their pocket and walk out, undetected? Do they sneak in at night? My county does not collect votes by using the internet. NO voting machines are on the net.

  • B G 3 months ago

    The Republican party abandoning democracy isn’t funny, it’s fascism. #VOTE2022 (if you can) or you don’t care.

  • Kate Uhler 3 months ago

    Don’t have twitter. Don’t need twitter. Don’t want twitter.

  • Matt 3 months ago

    The problem is it shouldn’t be CNN and Jake Tapper’s responsibility to educate people on how electoral returns work. These Republicans are just straight up ignorant.

  • notcher bane 3 months ago

    This election will take weeks because there’s going to be hand counts and so many deniers of whatever the results are if they don’t win ? Because once you deny an election was fair, you’ve knocked the credibility out of any election after that whether you win or not.

  • Eb theDoc 3 months ago

    The CJ Rice case (thanks, Jake Tapper!) reminds me of what I commented to John Oliver’s new story on Bail Reform. I despise the Repugnithugs’ fake narrative about “soft on crime”! It’s a white-supremacist dog-whistle, a fear-mongering push-button for bigoted old prejudices, and blatant gaslighting meant to distract everyone from their flagrantly anti-democratic powergrab in service to their Gigabuck Donors.

    [My recent comment:
    Dear Lord. Our Criminal Justice “System” is a scam so corrupt, it has me angry enough to spit. It keeps them Judges and Lawyers drivin’ Mercedes, privatized “prisons” rollin’ in dough (prison labor = government[-condoned] slavery), and “soft-on-crime” is a perennial scare-tactic by political mobsters, to keep or gain power over their sheeple.]

    The CJ Rice trial adds Investigative Negligence, Prosecutorial Misconduct, Defense Incompetence, and HtH Judges like that can sleep at night. My thanks to Dr. Tapper’s engagement, and I hope your son’s book helps CJ get exonerated!

    VOTE, Folks! Up- and Down-Ticket. Kick the lying crooks out. Our Democracy depends on it, these Midterms.

  • notcher bane 3 months ago

    We’re about to find out what a horrible businessman must actually is

  • Barbara Seagle 3 months ago

    Nobody watches him anymore……..

  • NUNYA 3 months ago

    Election deniers are like cheating spouses/partners. They know the truth but will never admit it unless they are found in the act. Even then they will make up an excuse.
    I think Repubes d icks should shrink everytime they lie. Trump for example.

  • Borock 3 months ago

    How is saying there might be more to the story is crazy yet asserting conspiracy theory is not. Very much enjoying the woke meltdown over their inability control the narrative anymore


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