Jake Tapper Never Thought His Book The Outpost Would Become a Movie

Published on August 5, 2020

Jake Tapper talks about the dystopic timing of his visits to Late Night and his book-turned-movie The Outpost.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • China Guy 2 months ago

    I am a you-tuber from China. Bless the kind and free American people🙏 Love Seth and Jake 🙂

  • Zac Zachary 2 months ago

    Only a rich Douchebag hog choker would be on holiday right now 🙄 what a gross maggot

  • Richard Owens 2 months ago

    How nice that all the multi-millionaire talking heads are coming out with books.

  • Thanh Mai 2 months ago

    The Outpost is definitely an awesome movie! Quite surprising to find out Jake was behind it when the ending credits were rolling. Worth checking out 🧐😎👍

  • randall2020 2 months ago

    Jake is a corporate shill. Anything progressive is an anathema to him. He does not present news, but corporate propaganda.

  • New Message 2 months ago

    How long before Donnie tries to pin the explosion in Lebanon on China? Anyone? Antifa, maybe?

  • j mcd 2 months ago

    Easy to say why we are there. The military industrial complex has to keep making profits

  • eigensinn83 2 months ago

    Person woman Russia Ukraine China

  • blueberry smasher 2 months ago

    Watched The Outpost. Didn’t realize it was film adaptation of a book written by a CNN anchor whom I enjoy listening/watching. Yeah, haven’t seen him on CNN in a while. The Outpost was quite the high-adrenaline action piece that resembled our protect the fortress defense games. A bit over-jingoistic for my taste. Would’ve been more meaningful if the directors/writers showcased the perspective and POV of the Afghan villagers.

  • Alex Tomasik 2 months ago

    Seeing Tapper in a t-shirt is like seeing a squirrel in a suit. It’s not not okay, but really weird.

  • Basteln mit Bärbel 2 months ago

    Jake looks so handsome in a shirt. Cheers!

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