Jake Tapper Destroyed Bill O’Reilly On Twitter

Published on October 25, 2017

The host of ‘The Lead with Jake Tapper’ didn’t mince words in his rebuttal to a recent Twitter insult from Bill O’Reilly.

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  • Shuey272 2 years ago

    damn that character arc of a dab

  • Gren Wren 2 years ago

    Its so interesting how much the Right has hatred over someone like Tapper who isn’t even a leftist. I guess being centrist, or center-left, or keeping most personal political opinions to yourself is pretty much being a michael moore leftist in the eyes of Fox News. If you want to be a respected journalist on the right, you have to be a far right hack like Hannity or Carlson

    The Democrats have not moved to an unreasonable position due to Trump, Trump has moved the Republicans into an unreasonable world and centrist journalists who constantly display information damaging to Trump are caught in this conservative-created identity politics game where ANY attack on Trump is leftist persecution all because Donald decided to call himself a Republican. They hate identity politics? No, Donald IS identity politics.

  • toby green 2 years ago

    Was the band playing Beethovan when Tapper walked on set?

  • shmulibr@gmail.com 2 years ago

    You should invite Noam Chomsky to your show

  • Airborne 2 years ago

    At this point the U.S.A. needs to change the name to the D.S.A. for divided states of america thanks to this orange monkey called p.o.t.u.s.

  • nonbeliever 2 years ago

    I have only one knock on Tapper.. he doesn’t follow up enough or hard enough on either side. He was way to soft on Clinton and he lets things go unanswered with the current admin. every now and then though, he gets it right.

  • NorwegianDean 2 years ago

    5:28 Colbert is wrong in his comparison here. McCarthy wasn’t shamed out of the Senate. He was censured and shamed by a Senate voting majority. He tried to remain unaffected by the vote, but lost his status and fame.

  • Gatss Legacy 2 years ago

    Man is this guy on the take. How much are they paying u guys? DNC?

  • india rose 2 years ago

    the truth can’t win a Republican primary in Arizona???

  • Joost de Groot 2 years ago

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  • Amanda Strom 2 years ago

    lawsuit list development shake northern terms presidency depth mail help aware existence.

  • Adam Chase 2 years ago

    Hey Stephen Colbert. Your’re a paid shill for the DNC. It’s ok everyone know’s it.

  • Patricia Baughn 2 years ago

    Whitefish! Stinky Zinke Whitefish smells. A no bid contract for $300 million to rebuild power grid in San Juan?? Rotten Whitefish smelling up the place. Lou Dobbs interview of Trump!!! Lou finally pulled his head out of his own arse and stuck it up Trump’s . Lou, don’t forget to take your meds. TRUMP accomplished so much in 9 Months???? Lou, do you ACTUALLY LIVE in the USA? ??

  • Ann 2 years ago

    Jake Tapper is an all round type of journalist you need during these uncertain times !

  • chio uruakpa 2 years ago

    main thing i learned from this interview: i am sexually attracted to jake tapper

  • JC 74 2 years ago

    Tapper’s Twitter reply, pure gold!!! Calling out a jerk and making him look like a fool?…O’Reilly, do you still want to debate what’s “low”?

  • Wyatt Milliken 2 years ago

    “My Job isn’t to make you feel good, its to tell it like it is.”
    What Trump doesn’t understand about the news

  • dreams2go 2 years ago

    Wished they mentioned how Sen. Joe McCarthy’s henchman, Roy Cohn, moved to NYC and became Trump’s mentor and lawyer. McCarthyism and Trump’s nastiness are two apples from the same bad tree. https://www.nytimes.com/2016/06/21/us/politics/donald-trump-roy-cohn.html

  • Angelo Morte 2 years ago

    The two of them remind me of two Dogs sniffing each other Butts right before they go for it. You couldn’t get a drop of Testosterone from either one of them boys because they are not men. Colbert is the poster photo for pro-abortion Jake the Snake Thumpper has no credibility & hasn’t told the truth once in his pathetic life. Talk is cheap boys just like you.

  • Kristin St. John 2 years ago

    I love Jake Tapper


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