Jack Black’s New Buddy Movie With Jackie Chan – CONAN on TBS

Published on January 29, 2016

He’s still ironing out the kinks, but it’ll involve Jackie, martial arts, and cheeseburgers. Andy is working on the details.

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  • jmc2k2 4 years ago


  • Pianokid 4 years ago


  • Alec Bonjolo 4 years ago

    Movie is called White Rice

  • Mtn Do 4 years ago


  • abpwns 4 years ago

    Andy’s burger pitch was actually pretty good

  • Abraham Ljungberg 4 years ago

    “Double Cheeseburger” needs to happen :)

  • Tommy Maroney 4 years ago

    Nacho Libre 2!

  • YamiSphinx 4 years ago

    I’m kind of surprised by how many people didn’t get his Beatle reference,
    he’s talking about the BAND not the bug smh.

  • Wesley Letendre 4 years ago

    is Jack black on amphetamines? he’s strangely wide eyes and out of breath

  • Notics Varus 4 years ago

    I think Jack is onto something. Instead of burgers, it’s a Iron Chef style
    show, him and Jackie are rivals, and Jackie can still use his moves in the

  • jackstorm777 4 years ago

    Andy Richter is a genius, that was a great idea in a matter of seconds

  • Anthony Segura | ZeKolitious 4 years ago

    1 like= Im a good person
    1 sub= I Love God
    Ignore= God will know…

  • Sam Hyatt 4 years ago

    Andy’s idea was legitimately incredible

  • Mako Mankanshoku 4 years ago

    Damn Andy, that idea was spot on legit, and a movie with that kind of plot
    would fit Jack Black as well as Jackie’s style of acting, it would be a
    comedy/action movie. 10/10 would watch and eat a cheeseburger.

  • Frank Nunez 4 years ago

    Movie idea: they re-do the Karate Kid sequel over again, Jack Black as
    DanielSon this time!

  • mohawktaint 4 years ago

    Liam Neeson needs to be the bad guy. He’s a competing Chef with a special
    set of skills and owns a large world-wide burger chain that is planning a
    terrorist attack by poisoning his customers. It is up to Black and Chan to
    stop him.

  • BaptainBalcon 4 years ago

    Why was there a picture of Jackie Chan and Pablo Escobar?

  • PropaneWP 4 years ago

    Jack Black is a spoiled rich man’s son. Heir to a huge fast food empire.
    His father is appalled by Jack’s nonproductive debauchery and gives him an
    ultimatum. Run a successful burger restaurant in the scariest dockside area
    of Shanghai or be disowned. Unbeknownst to both, their mother hires a
    down-on-his luck bodyguard (Chan) to discreetly protect her son.

    Yadayadayada – Shanghai docks reformed, Black & Chan pals for life.

  • zenanarchist 4 years ago

    I wanna see Lookwell now

  • OjikesShadow 4 years ago

    Nacho Libre vs Drunken Master, make it happen.

  • bayareafaithful408 4 years ago

    Jackie Chan is a singer, Jack Black is a rock star………Maybe a music
    themed movie?????

  • Logi Wan 4 years ago

    Blacky Chan the movie =D

    (PS- No racism intended, if someone takes it that way)

  • TFA Daryl 4 years ago

    Starring Jack Black and Jackie Chan. Written and Directed by Andy Richter
    and Conan O’brien?

  • onecutesweetypie 4 years ago

    Good god thats a great movie plot Jack Black.

  • Whale God 4 years ago

    I’d watch that movie

  • keanehgz 4 years ago

    Andy’s like the best sidekick/co-host amongst the talk shows, Guillermo is
    endearing but kind of a racist act, and Higgins is just annoying pfft…

  • m1994a3jagnew 4 years ago

    how about Tropic Thunder 2?

  • Sunil Greenway 4 years ago


  • Fernando Merida 4 years ago

    Jack black and jackie chan meet as kids and become childhood besties but
    since jackie chans father whose back in asia is dying so he goes back for a
    visit but when he arrives he finds that his father has been playing him the
    whole time and just wanted him to come to learn martial arts or something
    so he can protect him from the yakuza (his father gambled too much or
    watver) and lets say jack black and jackie chan were like gonna start a
    band or something but they didn’t because jackie chan left and never came
    back so he ended up becoming a owner of a cheeseburger joint but some years
    later jackie chan comes back not only with the reputation of a high skilled
    bodyguard or fighter but as his best friend but jackie chan has to stay low
    because the yakuza is still on him and jackie chans dad could be like the
    dirty grandpa character of the movie but one day a yakuza member spots him
    because in the movie yakuza members love hamburgers for some reason anyways
    they find jackie chan

  • Odd Jørgen Høibø 4 years ago

    I see lots of comments praising Andy’s idea but really,have you guys not
    seen alot of movies at all? That kind of story is so damn overused by a
    truckload of movies.

    Retired special forces/ex soldier/ex agent/ex super spy/ex god or w/e else
    bullshit having to come back from hiding/exile/new life and call upon
    his/her skills which hasn’t been used in YEARS but they are still
    over-the-top perfect and godlike. Like if he/she never left/retired at all.

    Sorry guys,hate too break it to you but that cliche has been recycled
    countless times over and over and over and over and over and over and over
    and over and over again. <----- Like those two words right there repeated over and over and over and over and over and over. And over again. :D

  • MrAnderson1985 4 years ago

    jack black plays a loveable yet ner do well shop keeper selling.. well
    burgers.. jackie plays a retiree whos helping his own family out by doing
    random mob-eqsue jobs around town and using the money for school and what
    not. he always goes to jacks burger place cause the food is decent and jack
    is just a very nice guy. one day when jackie is eating, the burger shop is
    being robbed.. jackie intervenes and kicks the shit out of the robbers
    debting jack to jackie.. theres the set up.. second act is up you

  • EverSoCrispyBacon 4 years ago

    He just descibed goodburger and spongebob.

  • Heroic Love 4 years ago

    I would actually go watch that Hamburger movie….on Netflix.

  • Amun-Ra 4 years ago

    Cheesburger King. Directed by Tommy Wiseau.

  • marisotoserna 4 years ago

    cheeseburger coming to a theater near you!
    i know i’d watch it

  • sansoit 4 years ago

    Did anyone see him bomb at Doug benson

  • Youtube Commenter 4 years ago

    Holy crap… Andy just nailed it with his suggestion! This would work
    EXTREMELY well in a movie format.

    Also, Jackie and Jack are just fantastic people, and it would be amazing to
    see both of them in a full-feature movie. The Jack-Jackie extravaganza!
    Even their names have a double-cheeseburger sound to it.

  • Arthur Gange 4 years ago

    Kung Fu Panda is something that shouldn’t be good, but it totally is

  • Rusticfucker 4 years ago

    Black and Jackie are competing restaurant owners. Jackie is a reformed
    assassin still. Their restaurants compete but when they meet they develop
    an unexpected companionship and bromance. They then join forces to create a
    super awesome successful restaurant. The climax would be a competing
    jealous restaurant owner is trying to steal their secret recipe, and Jackie
    and Black successfully defend their restaurant by kicking the jealous
    restaurants owners ass – or another story would be that the secret recipe
    is stolen and they have to get it back before the enemy restaurant puts it
    on their menu and starts serving it. Hit me up producers and directors, I
    got many more ideas thats just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Ash McDowell 4 years ago

    jack black should make this movie before spongebob steals his idea, or the
    final battle between Jack Black vs. Mr. Krabs

  • Fucyourcouch 4 years ago

    I shook his hand in Toronto when I was 16 …he saved my life for sure. He
    is like the Dad I never had…just pure role modelling and raising me and

  • Andrew JK 4 years ago

    Andy is a genius
    Additional Characters: Hamburgalurs

  • Daniel Lopez 4 years ago

    Make this happen not jack black and Jackie chan smushed between hamburger
    buns but a real comedy with them two

  • Alexanya Atoz 4 years ago

    I will line up for that.. Whatever it is. Cheeseburger kung fu

  • Matthew Hamilton 4 years ago

    Tell Jack Black to call it Chi-Burger and go from there!!

  • Luis Felipe 4 years ago

    I’ll watch that crappy movie if Jackie is in it….. that’s how I watch all
    the Rush Hour movies LOL

  • toemasie 4 years ago

    Um, they just described Good Burger.

  • TimmaX 4 years ago

    Did any one thought about Spongebob when he said “Some evil chef tries to
    steal our recpie”

  • Vintersemestre00 4 years ago

    Double Cheeseburger: Kung Food

  • Gensay Sazci 4 years ago

    He should watch Spongebob

  • MadkittenzK 4 years ago

    Andy is far too underrated

  • Temporary Space Studios 4 years ago

    I would watch a buddy comedy with Jackie Chan and Jack Black for sure. But
    Samuel L. Jackson has to be in it too.

  • Zachary T 4 years ago

    I just want to walk up to Jack Black and be like “bro… be a little less
    ya know… Jack Blacky… lol

  • Shinichi Kudo 4 years ago

    What if Jack Black is like a Guy Fierri type of TV Chef celebrity that is
    very arrogant and douchey. While in a local town, Jackie, a new immigrant,
    begged him if his soon to be opened restaurant could be on his show in
    exchange for teaching him his ancient secret recipe for meat. Jack Black
    stole his recipe and claimed it as his own and created the tastiest
    cheeseburger ever on his cooking show. McDougalds, the world’s top burger
    food chain, saw this as a threat, and the CEO (Will Ferrel) hired assassins
    to take out Black. To persuade the killers, he told that it was Jackie Chan
    they need to kill. Jackie got involved, lots of kung fu and comedy action
    scenes happened. The two formed an alliance, Black using his street smart
    and overall charisma and Chan using his cooking and kung fu to fend off
    killers, open up Cheezburgerz (Black’s idea) and destroy McDougald’s once
    and for all.

  • Luther Pegues 4 years ago

    does anyone else think Jack Black kind of looks like a chubby version of
    Johnny Depp?

  • theworldtraveller21 4 years ago

    This is all fun and games but did you know that they are making an animated
    comedy called Sausage Party with Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd, James Franco,
    Kristen Wiig, Salma Hayek, Edward Norton, Jonah Hill and many more. They
    could just get Jack Black and Jackie Chan to join that crew. It’s bound to
    be a hit.

  • ollihro82 4 years ago

    andy pitched the zohan movie

  • Fern Acijoe 4 years ago


  • drleinad 4 years ago

    It could be like a Spongebob live action movie, where Jack Black is Patrick
    and Jackie Chan is Spongebob!

  • brookdevenharris 4 years ago

    the way Jack’s sitting makes me feel uncomfortable

  • zacary Ingram 4 years ago

    Please god make this movie

  • FirstZenGate 4 years ago

    Wonder if he cares how crazy Jackie Chan is, I remember the interview where
    he said the American government was the most corrupt in the world lol. You
    so silly Jackie.

  • Haley 4 years ago

    I’ll watch hamburger XD

  • stockjonebills 4 years ago

    Jack Black and Jacky Chan in Tiger Roll..

  • IChriss2080 4 years ago

    Black and Chan enough said!!

  • TheWolverineiscool _ 4 years ago

    lol all jackie chan has to say is “you and me are doing a movie, think of
    something” LOL, now that’s POWER!

  • Zzhulieta 4 years ago

    lol did this idea get inspired by spongebob?!! he is a hamburger cheff and
    plankton is always trying to steal the ‘recipe’ haha legit!

  • maudina palmer 4 years ago

    he’s so majestic

  • supracoop 4 years ago

    Whatever you guys come up with…incorporate Conan, Ice Cube, Kevin Hart
    and Jordan Schlansky in this epic movie.

  • Joakim Joakim 4 years ago

    i wouldn’t regonise Jackie chan if i saw him in Shangai, no racist at all ,
    just honest

  • 1m1337noSh1t 4 years ago


  • Kid India 4 years ago

    Damn Andy killed it

  • sobekflakmonkey 4 years ago

    one day…”Like a beatle” won’t make much sense to people…”yeah people do
    generally dislike bugs” they will say, only the old will know it was a
    reference to a band.

  • gangstaman60 4 years ago

    Maybe Jackie Chan want to make new Rush Hour with Jack Black

  • White Wolf 4 years ago

    Jack Black seems like he would be such a sweet guy to just chill on the
    couch with.

  • Michael Williams 4 years ago

    Andy just used like 20 Hong Kong movie’s worth of basic plot lines.

  • Ls M 4 years ago

    i wanna see cheeseburger now

  • Someone Else 4 years ago

    Ugly disgusting neurotic satanic Jew.

  • Vincent Price 4 years ago

    jack black is great.

  • Langhorn Chimmens 4 years ago

    Jackie Chan was once a Kung Fu Master but he goes into the Burger Business
    only to find his rival who he hasn’t seen in over 25 years has opened up
    another Burger place on the other side of town. Jack Black starts working
    at the rivals burger place but gets beaten up and left for dead after
    messing up several orders and Jackie Chan discovers him half dead in an
    alley way on the way home from work one night. Jack Black is rushed to the
    hospital and Jackie finds out Jack Black has no family or friends to
    contact so he stays with him in the hospital until he wakes up only to find
    out that Jack had worked for his rival at the burger place across town.
    Jackie hires Jack and they begin working on plans to become the best burger
    place in town until Jackie and his rival eventually come face to face and
    the showdown begins.

  • 8bit 4 years ago

    Conan is a goddamn genius for having Andy Richter as a sidekick. Two truly
    hilarious dudes.

  • Yujin C 4 years ago

    he sounds like kung fu panda

  • Mister Queso 4 years ago

    so when is this cheeseburger coming

  • Charlie Luciano 4 years ago

    Jack Black is goin for the Pablo Escobar look

  • Despond 4 years ago

    Andy is spot on, that would be an awesome action comedy idea… I hope it
    happens lol.

  • Rutherne 4 years ago

    noooo jack black is showing white hair :C

  • Erilis000 4 years ago

    Jack Black…. 0:00 What a weird way to sit.

  • Tiffany Varela 4 years ago

    Love him ! Wish he was single

  • SF01Pro 4 years ago


  • Incredible Beats (Free Instrumentals) 4 years ago

    The story Jack Black wants his next movie to be about, sounds like an
    episode of Spongebob to me. Plankton always trying to steal the Krabby
    Patty recipe

  • Agora Beth 4 years ago

    God, I love Andy.
    Best Talk Show Sidekick

  • CollegeStudent 94 4 years ago

    Is he high? He looks high…

  • andyf 4 years ago

    another nacho libre and instead of eskeleto he has a new chinese wrestling

  • Coz Nic 4 years ago

    Jack Black(a long time dual citizen of China) opens up a cheeseburger
    restaurant in a part of China that doesn’t like outsiders, and strictly
    adheres to traditions and original oriental culture. the restaurant gets
    vandalized numerous times and he goes through multiple chefs(because it’s a
    cuisine upscale burger barn). he decides to post an ad in the papers to
    hire a chef who is not afraid of the rough history of the restaurant, and a
    down on his luck Chan applies and he mixes his kung fu flare and
    extravagance to burger flipping and serving(Benihanas style) and the
    restaurant does a 180. through the success of the restaurant, he attracts
    the negative attention of surrounding restaurant owners, one of which is a
    mafia money laundering outfit that also makes a lot of money on their
    exotic cuisine attracting tourists. this mafia restaurant abducts Black’s
    sister(who is also in love with Chan’s character) and then the 2 fight to
    get her back( mostly Chan pushing Black out of multiple close calls during
    a lot of the fight scenes). they get the sister back, defeating the evil
    restaurant owner(Chow Yun Fat), and that’s the end.

    Double Cheeseburger starts with Chan and Black’s sister getting married and
    Black opening up a 2nd restaurant for them to run. 2nd film becomes more of
    Good Burger silly antics film. idk..

  • clmdeprav 4 years ago

    Damn I wish I’d meet Jack Black & Jacky Chan, and they’d propose me a role
    as the french cook in the 3rd opus “Royal Cheese”. My life would be

  • BlairB 4 years ago

    Great idea Andy. If you want ants. Because that’s how you get ants.
    Also check out Archer season 4 episode 1.

  • WhatVideoWasThat 4 years ago

    Good burger anyone???

  • kana-huna-hana 4 years ago

    soo funny!

  • Monkey Boy 4 years ago

    LOL right next door to Panda Express.


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