Jaboukie Young-White on Why Young People Don’t Vote | The Daily Show

Published on October 11, 2018

Jaboukie Young-White, The Daily Show’s newest correspondent and actual young person, breaks down what’s keeping young people away from the voting booth.

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  • Dark Sword 2 years ago

    LOL this is hilarious. I for one am gonna vote when I am of age to do it. But that clip in the beginning is so true. They’re like wtf is voting

  • pd kama 2 years ago

    My Uber driver needs a driver’s license ????

  • Lori Vasconcellos 2 years ago

    The description on this video is killing me… And I just found out I’m a vintage millennial. <3 I like it, it sounds like a fancy boxed wine.

  • Ali Awais Farhat 2 years ago

    Why is Trevor talking to younger version of himself….

  • Lucero Idalid Cordoba 2 years ago

    If young people dont vote they cant complain when older people decide their futures.

  • tootz1950 2 years ago

    I’ve voted since I was legally of age. Please, please vote. It means so much to us all.

  • Josephine O. 2 years ago

    This is funny and all but please vote y’all

  • girlgreenivy 2 years ago

    “you ARE as funny as my mother said!”

  • Cue 1st Amend 2 years ago

    Yes In other countries voting day is a National Holiday

  • Jory Jones 2 years ago

    Old voter: Climate change, who cares about the distraction of Earth habitability I’ll be dead in five years and I want someone who reminds me of my racist old grandpa who was born before the civil war.

  • Phillip Lamoureux 2 years ago

    Move President’s Day from February, change it to Voting for President’s Day, have the school kids promote it and have it on Election Day!!!!

  • Commenter Person 2 years ago

    “Make election day a national holiday”

    Not my area of expertise, but seems like an idea worth exploring further.

  • Timon Tran 2 years ago

    We have a discussion about it today at school. Turn out many of the students are international students. This is especially true in California. International students cannot vote. The interviewer might have asked the wrong group.

  • Betty Caswell 2 years ago

    Through this we can now understand some of the reasons why Bernie Sanders lost. Young people liked his ideas, just could not be bothered to vote or even in some cases to register to vote!

  • David Kempton 2 years ago

    “You want young people to vote, make election day a National Holiday.” That’s the POINT. The GOP does NOT want you to vote, just one reason why they set it up for a work day.

    Now if WE want young people to vote, HERE’s what we have to do:


    Make that a social issue – and you have got their attention. “These old dudes want to STOP you from exercising your rights; if you DON’T vote they will take the right away Also your dank.”

  • Yudis Natha 2 years ago

    Wow, pretty good debut for the new correspondent. He’s throwing some “shade” to Trevor reminds me a bit when Trevor did the same to Jon when he’s still Jon’s correspondent. Looking forward to Jaboukie’s future contribution to Daily Show

  • Elizabeth Bower 2 years ago

    Honestly, I sat here and just…had to sigh. The guy makes some good points, and I really liked the segment; but I wish it weren’t done in such a cringy, age-stereotype way. And I wish the bit about the driver’s license had been aimed at people outside NY/LA/etc. If you live outside a big city, you NEED a driver’s license; people know this. The issue is that MANY states do not allow mail-in ballots, and outside major cities, colleges aren’t used as voting centers. If you are, say, a student, who works part-time to pay your bills, then you very well might not be ABLE to get the time off to vote, because it’s not only the middle of the week, but many states don’t require your employer to give you time off to vote; you may have classes and work on the same day, and be unable to make it to a polling center.

    Add in the fact that after the 2016 election many young people feel that their vote doesn’t matter, and the way the country has been systematically cracking down on the youth and minority vote, and it’s really, really hard for young people to get up any enthusiasm.

    I’m 20, and I registered to vote the instant I turned 18. My state has mail-in ballots. My state is very active, but rural enough to make the NY/LA/etc view of my generation foreign to me. I didn’t appreciate the NY youth stereotype in this segment…but I acknowledge the very valid points made, and like I did at 18, I plan on voting. And voting every year.

  • Caitlyn Conboy 2 years ago

    I live in Texas. I sent in my PAPER voting registration form a month ago. Checked my registration 3 days ago and I am still apparently not registered in my county. I tried to call the registrars office and got a busy signal for hours.

    This is why young people don’t vote; why can’t I register online? Cause apparently mailing that shit in actually accomplishes not a damn thing.

    I’m still registered a county over though, so, screw it, I guess I’ll drive 50 minutes to vote for Beto.

  • lazyperfectionist1 2 years ago

    _How the hell does this number manage to stay so friggin’ high?!_

  • lazyperfectionist1 2 years ago

    “Like why do we still use paper to vote?”
    Because paper can’t be hacked. If you want to change a vote cast _on a piece of paper,_ you have to actually _handle that piece of paper._ The most brilliant and well-equipped hacker on the other side of the world is powerless to do anything about it. Sure, it’s a little less convenient, but it’s _so much more secure._


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