Ivanka Trump’s Fake Feminism: The Daily Show

Published on August 9, 2017

After hearing Ivanka Trump’s ideas on maternity leave, childcare and sexual harassment, Michelle Wolf breaks down why the first daughter’s brand of feminism is self-serving.

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  • Irene Otunla 1 year ago

    She is the pinnacle of white feminism

  • swarnak Ray 1 year ago

    Trump would date her if she wasn’t his daughter.

  • Paige Rose 1 year ago

    “All the single ladies.” “All the single ladies?” “Allll the single ladies.”

  • Bri P 1 year ago

    Omg I love that Michelle. She’s hilarious and speaking TRUTH 👏😂

  • Daniel Agua 1 year ago

    this michelle wolf person is as stupid as her chest dimples😒
    that’s the thing about you liberals, you can’t even admit she is trying to make a change. so because ivanka makes money from fasion it’s not good enough to give women hope…i tot feminism was to empower all forms of women, but for you guys if the woman sides with trump she doesn’t count. it’s just disgusting when someone that thinks like road kill utters nonsense from her mouth and nobody calls bullshit on her ass

  • Lala 1 year ago

    Ivanka is pretty much the same as everyone else in the White House. She’s a right wing enabler. Any attempt she makes to appear like a half-decent human being is just lip service and a way of appeasing the public.

  • Gamer X 1 year ago

    Trump:China is destroying us
    Trump&Ivanka Merchandises:Made in China

  • Nic Bing 1 year ago

    Don’t be so mean against Donny..He’s only Wagging the Donny, oophs DOG .. WAG the DOG  DONNY .

  • Galactic Phoenix 1 year ago

    Trevor like always is iconic af. He stands by equality

  • Jesenia Ng 1 year ago

    🤣🤣🤣 so true, Ivanka and feminist should not be in the same sentence…

  • Fabiano Carlos 1 year ago

    Oooh… BURN!

  • Jack Daniel 1 year ago

    First, I have been sexually harassed several times form 10 to 18 years old. There have been many times when it was ambiguous as to wether it was well menaing or not. But in my case, I always figured it out, and compared to the 7 times I was legitimately harrassed, only one time was the guy super stupid and oblivious, and I had to stay away feom him for a day, until the teacher saw my behavior. In defense of Ivanka, I have legit met women who could not tell the difference between someone giving them a compliment, and someone insulting them. But that’s far from the same thing.

  • mariam al said 1 year ago

    That woman’s voice is sooo high pitched and annoying

  • Greta M. 1 year ago

    Michelle Wolf looks and sound like female version of Pete Davidson.

  • KISSARRAH 1 year ago

    What’s wrong with her face?

  • Jerem 1 year ago

    I dont like it when people make casual demeaning humor about their body parts: its just not funny! like the female reporter is doing it here. thats self objectification, if its alright for you to make fun of yourself like that, it becomes okay for others to do it too.

  • Pettie Robinson 1 year ago

    I love Michelle Wolf, everyone tried to degrade her for coming at the trumps. Noone was nearly upset about the ugly remarks made about Michelle Obama and the girls. Keep off melanni, barrron ivanna. They are a joke getting richer on women that believe they give a damn about anyone not like them.

  • R Sims 1 year ago

    Domestic abuse is not just a woman’s problem

  • Chrissy R 1 year ago

    Omg that was amazing

  • Gina Gray 1 year ago

    She’s Carrot Tops twin sister, right? He’s not funny either.


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