Ivanka Trump’s Eight-Hour Meeting with House Committee in Capitol Attack Investigation

Published on April 7, 2022

Seth Meyers’ monologue from Wednesday, April 6.

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  • Space Force Commander 10 months ago

    Other airline passengers discovered “the sound of one hand clapping”.

  • Overkall 10 months ago

    Bridgerton is a racist garbage show. I was shocked when my friends recommended it to me. Ya’ll need to stop pretending it’s okay to fluff up history to make yourselves feel better. This is 50x worse than blackface.

  • Simon Wilson 10 months ago


  • Pvt TJ 10 months ago

    G. O. P. On. Snow. Train. 👃👃. Seditionist.

  • IA1 10 months ago

    The Ivanka-work joke!

  • Sunni Womack 10 months ago

    Something seems different with your delivery.

  • Jason Gastrich 10 months ago

    Tight 2

  • Andrew Burke 10 months ago

    Ivanka Trump has an unusually long neck. Just saying.

  • PerryMason420 10 months ago

    How are these ppl walking around free? If I commit any of the crimes or frauds these oligarchs committed I would be in prison, If I committed a coup attempt I’d be in prison for sure.

  • Fabled Creature 10 months ago

    THAT was the monologue?
    Seth, you disappoint me.
    I’m not even a jackal.
    It just wasn’t funny.
    New writers? No writers?

  • Just_Saiyan1986 10 months ago

    Did the crew photoshop that Ivanka pic as her neck looks unusually long there.

  • Deadly Neurotoxin 10 months ago

    Did you guys edit Ivanka’s neck in that picture?? Graphics. I’m looking at you.

  • Ruby Doobie 10 months ago

    Correction: It wouldn’t take 10,000 minutes to walk to Coney Island from anywhere from the New York subway line. That’s 166.667 hours, as far as I can tell the longest distance from any New York City subway line (counting ones with no direct route) to Coney island is around 50 miles, probably a bit less but I’ll be generous, you’re welcome.

    The average walking speed for a human adult is roughly 2.5 miles an hour meaning that without stopping it would only take 20 hours, if we half that speed to account for crossing the road, taking breaks, eating, getting mugged and sleeping etc that’s still only 40 hours of the stated 166.667 hours.

  • dafttool 10 months ago

    The only way Obama’s visit to the White House could’ve been better is if he had worn a tan suit

  • Claudia Miller 10 months ago

    Ah-ha! Was waiting with baited breath for the “8 hour workday for Ivanka” joke….thanks, Team Seth!!

  • Larry Wilson 10 months ago

    “She worked an 8 hour day” Beautiful.

  • Haakon Anderson 10 months ago

    Another L for Trump Nation 🤣

  • Buck Chile 10 months ago

    They were probably discussing all those patents she got from China that never gets mentioned on Fox’s’ Always Hunter’ Entertainment

  • Dragonfly18 10 months ago

    Hours of lying. Rest assured she will get off without a hitch. So we’ll her daddy and all of her insurrectionist -traitorous- criminal- Nazi fuckers.

  • JP Rio 10 months ago

    Is that her real neck?


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