Ivanka and Jared Are Sick of Trump, Republicans Block Voting Rights Bill | The Tonight Show



  • J0 Fiz 2 years ago

    Bro, you’re STILL trump bashing. Man, I thought they were joking about Trump derangement syndrome but it’s true. How pathetic. Move on Jimmy. Ffs you have a current president with dementia and you’re incapable if thinking up jokes about that? Hack

  • localguy8 2 years ago

    These Trumps will lie n make a show n before you know it they will run for office. All crooks n n still luring to the public to line their pockets by the hundreds of millions

  • James Humfry 2 years ago

    Jimmy Fallon is as relevant as Maroon 5

  • Adam Youssef 2 years ago

    Can I please get a shoutout

  • Harvester Asouls 2 years ago

    It’s called a voting rights bill but it has nothing to do with voting rights. READ THE BILL. why would dems want to change voting rights after they “” won “” the election. It’s a disguise title like the “INFRASTRUCTURE BILL” has little to do with actual infrastructure. AMERICANS ARE DOOMED TO SOCIALISM UNLESS THEY WAKE UP.

  • Ivory tusk 2 years ago

    Why is it NONE OF YOU seem to care that A) news in 2015/16 gave 1 man more free airtime than every person who has ever run for president COMBINED, for ratings/money? AND B) all these late night gremlins and ALL news, precede quoting every word Trump says with…”he has no public voice being kicked off Twitter and Facebook”?… and you STILL believe it is 1 political sides fault? The problem is in the mirror but almost none of you care nor ever will, and will amazingly keep blaming other people for being the problem when it is you and the entire culture that is bankrupt morally. Or did I somehow miss anyone else saying even 1 word? You all keep rewarding unbelievably immoral behavior and then go to your culture wars side to hear every day how it is someone else’s fault. Start with a mirror and if you succeed, you will end there and stop blaming others because you will know not to partake in any of it! America like all nations and their people (aside from a tiny %) is corrupt from the viewers, news hosts, politicians, police etc… It is the entire culture that is actually the real culprit, but because they are the culprit, they just are so pleased to keep hearing every day it is “THEIR” fault.
    Nope. It is not them. It is them plus one!

  • Old School G 2 years ago

    If I see another Californian mocking politics when it is the shittiest state in our country I move on. Wake up. Fix your state rich boy, the rest of the country doesn’t want to have tents up and down every street because all you rich Hollywood assholes can’t relate. And people see him laugh…fuck you. Take 10% of your 100 million dollar salary and help the homeless fuck nuts.

  • ParallaxView 2 years ago

    Math? How about Jimmy Fallon? (Get some new writers.)

  • Nora Brandt 2 years ago

    @2:23 Spider-Man is sitting there listening with focus…how come no one else there is paying much attention to the Pope’s speech? They’re reading books they brought with them, doing stuff on their phones, eating…yet NONE of them are even minutely glancing at SPIDER-MAN, in full costume! What’s that say about the current state of being in Rome?

  • TT Burn 2 years ago

    Ivanka is sick of her “Sugar Daddy”? This will hit Spanky really hard….

  • Mitch Zurbrigg 2 years ago

    Why are republicans so afraid of making it easier for people to vote? It’s almost like they are endorsing communism.


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