It’s Valentine’s Day At The Late Late Show!

Published on February 15, 2023

It’s Valentine’s Day, and so James is wondering what he can do to make tonight’s episode more romantic. He then checks in with a couple in the audience who are celebrating the holiday at the show. And in tonight’s news, Trump was using a classified document to block out light on his bedside table, Jill Biden’s lawn display is a bit underwhelming, and a survey says that 1 in 5 Americans have considered leaving their partners after receiving a cliché Valentine’s Day gift.

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  • Chef TeKniQ aka Bulette Born 1 year ago

    go blazers

  • sweiland75 1 year ago

    The air horn is annoying in any situation.

  • Privatemailcall 1 year ago

    Happy Valentine’s Day James! (Yesterday). Hope all was great for you and yours. So, have a happy day today, after yesterday. Umm, that’s weird. So, Happy Wednesday. That works. Thank you for all of the laughter. J from Baton Rouge.

  • muhammad wahyu hidayat 1 year ago

    Late Late Show with Rhett and Link from #GoodMythicalMorning

  • kingofthesharks 1 year ago

    5:47 No wonder he can last underwater, he’s basically Aquaman!

  • Allen Hare 1 year ago

    Over the top with this on, James!

  • HairBraidingIsASTEM 1 year ago

    Jose wiped his forehead, Nicole played along…. They’re a great couple & sport

  • OkayImBackWhatever Jones 1 year ago

    1:21 Ok Sexual Chocolate


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