It’s Trump’s Party & He’ll Cancel If He Wants To

Published on December 14, 2018

James Corden looks at the news of the day, including President Donald Trump canceling the annual White House Christmas party for the press corps and federal investigators cutting a deal with AMI and David Pecker, the group that protected Trump’s most personal secrets and helped pay hush money to cover up his affairs.

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    Is that the Christmas party with the giant tree? Because the tree happens to be from my state and I know of a lot of children who decorated pine cones to hang on the tree who are going to be so disappointed….

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    Jajja ?

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    ‘Twas the night before Christmas, and in the White House,
    not a creature was stirring, except for, the Chief Louse.
    The stockings were hung by the fireplace flue,
    in hopes of donations, and maybe a bribe or two.

    The children were sweating, behind a locked door,
    because their house guest, was Rotten Roy Moore.
    Melania, as always, went to bed early,
    with a headache or something – It made Donald quite surly.

    And as he was preparing to type, from atop his gold throne,
    on the newest of his strange, audio-glitched phone,
    there came a loud clatter, from out on the street,
    that got his attention, before he could tweet.

    He ran to the window, and drew back the drapes,
    and glimpsed on the lawn, some shadowy shapes.
    And out on the road, many cars were now parked,
    but, only a few, were obviously marked.

    The flashing red and blue lights, gave a lustre of doom,
    to the whole region – the house now felt like a tomb.
    And then to add, to the events of the day,
    Out popped Bob Mueller, from an FBI sleigh.

    The wizened old lawman, then raised to his face,
    his old favorite bullhorn, and it boomed out his case.
    “The place is surrounded, and all of you, in the home,
    exit right now, without resistance, not even an ohm.”

    And in the background, their image a blur,
    with the sounds that they made, ’twas akin to a churr.
    But they were the “team”, that pulled this sled of dread,
    in a harness of plea deals, stitched with live wire thread.

    Mikey and Mikey and Geo and Paul,
    Rick and Carter and Alex, et al.
    They are the reignrats who chose to sing,
    and yield this Trumpy trainwreck of a thing.

    Donald was worried, so he said with a moan,
    “Call up the Grinch – Get Vlad on the phone”!
    He told his ole buddy to please be quite swift,
    and send something fast, for a rapid airlift.

    But Putin said, ” Donnie, you must help yourself-
    maybe you shouldn’t have fired your elf”.
    And as the line went eerily dead,
    Trump thought for a sec, and called the Senate instead.

    Mitch picked up, on about the tenth ring,
    and Trump blurted out, “My butt’s in a sling!”
    The Majority leader thought about it quite hard,
    and said “It’s a big one, to encase that much lard”.

    And as Donalds heart, sank to his feet,
    He looked over to Matt, on whom he was sweet.
    But Whitaker, this time, was on his toes,
    and gave Don the bird, then up the chimney he rose.

    The family was huddled as the door gave way to the breach,
    and in walked Chris Wray, with a warrant for each.
    Then as they were served, Chris said with a drawl,
    “You knew this was coming, Merry Christmas to All”.

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    I love James so much ???

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    Jamesssssss wasssss up myyyyyy ammmmiiigggoooo!!!!!! From west Texas rig 1826

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    I love you james corden!! Kiss me !! Muachhhh!!


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