It’s Time for Scientists to Absolutely Lose Their S**t | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on August 13, 2020

Americans won’t listen to science and facts, but will they listen to people who lose their s**t? Jaboukie Young-White and Dr. Peter Hotez discuss. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #JaboukieYoungWhite

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  • Angela Carter 2 years ago

    I’m telling you now that Russian vaccine is going to kill people it was way too fast

  • Leander Barreto 2 years ago

    Or join a trial

  • Othniell Bolaji 2 years ago

    Dr. ninja should sling nunchucks around his neck, not a bow tie. 😑

  • Michael Humphrey 2 years ago

    I guess scientists don’t get pissed enough 😁.

  • Andrew Stimpert 2 years ago


  • Main Event-ually 2 years ago

    If i can remember correctly, last time Dr. Peter Hotez was on the show, he said this virus has been out for 10 years in other forms, and he been there the whole time, so ima follow what he says😂

  • Advay Rajesh 2 years ago

    Does Dr. Hotez look like Jack Black?

  • Mike Resse 2 years ago

    Before the United States will start McDonald’s will come to the rescue feeding million on billions

  • Xavier Love 2 years ago

    My thoughts and some food for your knowledge…
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    A quote from me, The Anonymous. It’s for all of the Racist, Xenophobic, Prejudice, Confederate Flag Waving, Trump Supporting, Fascists, and the Anti-Diverse and Non-Equality people…
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    Don’t forget to vote for a new got damn President. In God we trust, just not Donald “DA Bullshit” Trump. Oh, and all Americans that want to survive this national crisis should watch MSNBC (Period). Otherwise, just throw your body into the sea of Trumps failures that rest upon the thousands of dead Americans from people that did not heed anybody’s words that appeared on MSNBC. Stop watching bullshit on FoxNews or any other conservative platform that gives false information to the American people, because of bigotry and a Dumb Ass President.

    Final Thought… FoxNews (Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson, and Don Lemon; their careers should have been terminated along time ago; with all of that bigotry they put forth on FoxNews), CNN, Trump’s Twitter feed, and The Hodgetwins social media platforms is just a bunch of Incompetent Dumb Asses. Seriously, somebody go tell those twin dumb asses to stop doing all of that cooning; while being stuck on stupid. They want to be fully White so bad that it’s pathetic. #Unfunny, just sad. #Washed up has beens. #Unsubscribe. #Read this email bitch. Oh, and why the fuck the three dumb ass officers that killed Brianna Taylor are still walking around free trying to get their jobs back. Bullshit! Treat those Brianna Taylor killers like the world treated those George Floyd killers. Reform the police is not enough. Especially, to erase centuries of bullshit on how minorities have been treated in their own country for centuries. To completely reform, start from this dumb ass President on down to fucking mall cops. Police was originally created and meant only to keep black people in line. Facts! Fuck these no name, unmarked cars, racist, dumb ass Police! Protesters should use the Plummer vs State Law (Allows deadly force to defend yourself against unlawful arrest). Four more years of this dumb ass in the White House and America is fucked, and I do mean fucked like sending kids into a global pandemic just to go to school and possibly get everybody killed, because certain dumb asses other than Trump; sends their virus carrying kids to school and to spread this epidemic plague. (End of discussion)

  • Venture Fanatic 2 years ago

    No change till the Rich start dropping off with Covid-19. But guess who get’s vaccine first? Ding Ding the Rich get it first.

  • Chaz McGooski 2 years ago

    The coronavirus is so deadly you have to get tested to see if you have it.

  • Sha Williams 2 years ago


  • Eduardo Perez 2 years ago

    I cant take this dude seriously


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