It’s Not Easy Shooting Sex Scenes

Published on December 3, 2015

Frank Grillo tells James about his wife joining the cast of ‘Kingdom’ and how it brings their sex life full circle.

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  • Diaz Carmel 5 years ago

    Let that delicious man speak goddammit!

  • Ewok On the Wild Side 5 years ago

    James is awesome but dude gotta learn WHEN to talk. He was about to
    continue the story when dude keeps interupting and shifting the focus. Did
    this with David Spade as well….

  • Vincenzos Plate 5 years ago

    I am an actor and I had to do a sex scene once. That was fun. There were
    about 20 people in the room but when you act you have to believe there is
    no one around. after I watched it I said to myself “wow that looks real”

  • Sam A 5 years ago


  • Megan Parker 5 years ago

    I’m a mite confused. They actually engage in sex on Kingdom or is it just
    implied like 99% of the rest of TV?

  • Semper Paratus 5 years ago

    1:02 They all missed that gold… Feelin’ your pain, Frank!


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