“It’s No Longer Majority Rule” – Wanda Sykes Reacts To The SCOTUS Ruling

Published on June 28, 2022

Our friend Wanda Sykes returns to The Late Show for a two-part chat with Stephen about her Netflix show, “The Upshaws,” and her honest reaction to the Supreme Court ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade. Stick around for more with Wanda Sykes! #Colbert #TheUpshaws #WandaSykes

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  • Yuriel Cundangan 2 years ago

    never had felt the amount of pain that they deserve for what they’ve done into our society

  • Ayenda baskette 2 years ago

    Going back to the good ole days..Hopefully women will still be able to have bank accounts and their nerve pills. (sarcasm) Good luck on brown and black women being bed wenches..I don’t think that is going to work out the way the forefathers were able to configure. Won’t put it past them to try though. (more sarcasm)

  • Jaimie Newber 2 years ago

    What kills me is the same people (republicans) who wanted Roe overturned bc “all lives matter” are the same people who bitch about the welfare system. A system that was designed to help women & families in need. You can’t force women to have babies they don’t want while simultaneously bitching about your taxes being too high, bc those same women are now on welfare for the child they can’t afford. Wanda is so right when she points out the lies & contradictions. Shameful.

  • farvision 2 years ago

    It’s minority rule until you fucking VOTE IN EVERY ELECTION!!! and if you don’t do that from now on it will be PUTIN’S COUNTRY.

  • Peter G 2 years ago

    Yes it is. The majority in each state makes the law.

  • John Spain 2 years ago

    How do you know when Republicans are lying? When their lips are moving!

  • sugarcookiecube 2 years ago

    Wanda is amazing!!!

  • M 2 years ago

    Love, love, Wanda!

  • Richard Jones 2 years ago

    I’m going to say something controversial now. The republicans don’t realise what a mess they have just created for their party. First, they appoint these judges. These judges decide to remove the federal law of abortion and back to the hands of each state. Now, each state is elected by the people. So all the people who don’t agree with this abortion law simply need to vote in the people who will keep the law in their state which means (or should mean) the republicans will hardly get any States at all. So then the house and the senate become almost fully democrat, they then elect their own judges, they bring back in the law and make it permanent and… The end

  • Adhanet kidane 2 years ago

    Is it legal for them to lie to get the supreme court job?

  • markdalbey 2 years ago

    Wanda Sykes has a right to her view as does everyone else. However when you say someone lied, it might be a good idea to specifically say what that lie was. I have heard a lot of people say that these justices lied, but not one person can say what that lie is. Saying a ruling is settled case law is not lying. Any Supreme Court ruling is. It is established precedent. However the Constitution gives them the authority to reverse that ruling. The Constitution gives them the authority to reverse any ruling the Supreme Court ever made going back 257 years. What I did not hear them say is that they would not reverse the ruling of Roe v Wade, that would have been a lie. Did anyone hear them say that?

  • Rob Van Gessel 2 years ago

    Well, it hasn’t been a “majority rules” for a long, long time. The 1st time in history the Supreme Court messed with a general election directly was Y2K. No one did a damn thing abt it. Since then the corporate robber barons and billionaires have tightened their already considerable grip on the republic, using ANY groups with radical anti-government (including anti-democratic) sentiments to chip away the will of the People; until, at last, they empowered the Klanster groups (regardless of the different names they picked for themselves, QAnon being one of them) and the white dominant Evangelicals.


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