It’s Already Too Late To Start Your Holiday Shopping

Published on October 22, 2021

Toys, clothes and other popular gift items are caught in the global supply chain lockup, so Americans may find their shopping options limited this holiday season. #Colbert #Comedy #Monologue

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  • Steve Bulbow MD 2 years ago

    @4:54 Goddamn idiot! Lacking every & all sense of science-based information.

  • Kate Coombs 2 years ago

    Please don’t talk about slowdowns in USPS delivery times without blaming that absolute jerk, DeJoy, who, like many Trump appointees, is trying to destroy what he was put in charge of. And of course he has conflicts of interest, plus a nasty “screw you” attitude.

  • Braden Johns 2 years ago

    Haven’t watched the squid game shit but that joke got me

  • kickin kitchen 2 years ago

    Great to know they spread the horse dewormer narrative and empty shelves is ok and the new norm. And everyone is a conspiracy theorist. If you watch this show your simple and Something is wrong with you.

  • Gee Gaw 2 years ago

    What i want for Christmas isn’t on a shipping container
    I want the conald nightmare and all his evil elves to go away forever
    The climate fixed
    That would go well with my next ask

    World peace

  • Noob Wensday 2 years ago

    The pig is actually a hybrid humanoid pig I’m pretty sure?

  • gale weaver 2 years ago

    He’s on fire tonight!

  • george tissot 2 years ago

    That idiot Wyler takes stupidity coupled with massive crazy lies and distortions to infinity and beyond. His lies will cause Covid infections and deaths. For that he should be arrested and sent to jail for a few years. That should take the bloom off his lying cheeks.

  • Black Beans Matter 2 years ago

    Thank you bare shelf Biden. Let’s go Brandon!

  • Mr. Sisterfister 2 years ago

    I love hearing about the insurrectionsts getting what they deserve, even if they deserve far worse.

  • wirehyperspace 2 years ago

    Albert Einstein got you for your e=mc2 with its kosher meal deal – that is a big kick back taking everybody for the good healthy top parts so everybody can eat shit and die

  • TheReal008Zulu 2 years ago

    Prosecutor: We have you on tape, at the insurrection.
    Idiot: Nah that wasn’t me, your majesty. I was aimin my gun at a cashier, and demanden they hand over all the cash in the register at the time.
    Prosecutor: …
    Idiot: Oh, ah…

  • Ironworks 2 years ago

    I am getting my air fryer and probably a waffle maker from Presto I believe they are all US made. I will gift them to my kids, but it’s what I want. I am a horrible father.

  • Marijuanifornia 2 years ago

    In 1916, the US Department of Agriculture reported in Bulletin 404 written by Lyster Dewey and Jason Merrill that one acre of Cannabis hemp can make as much paper as four acres of trees.
    In 1937, Cannabis Sativa was outlawed as the “world’s most dangerous narcotic.”
    In 1942, the US legalized Cannabis Sativa to make equipment for the military during World War II. Watch the 1942 USDA film, *Hemp For Victory.*
    There was a bill introduced in Congress titled the *Hemp For Victory Act of 2019.*


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