“It Messed Me Up A Bit” – Bradley Cooper On Getting Into Character For “Nightmare Alley”

Published on January 12, 2022

Bradley Cooper returns to The Late Show to talk to Stephen about the character he plays in the fantastic new film, “Nightmare Alley.” Stick around for parts two and three of Bradley Cooper’s conversation with Stephen! #Colbert #NightmareAlley #BradleyCooper

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  • Kristi Jaas 2 years ago

    Nightmare Alley is obviously a remake of a great Edmung Golding/ Tyrone Powe film of the early fifties. Not worth mentioning?

  • sweiland75 2 years ago

    What it the purpose of uploading segmented interviews out of order?

  • Professor Sprout 2 years ago

    I think as a recovering or recovered alcoholic Cooper gets desperation. That tearful gratitude to have a path in life that the character shows was excellently played. Grateful to have any path forward at all. We need as a society to offer options that don’t include sociopathy. Think Ted Cruz, Paul Rand vs local homeless meth guy. Same type. One path pays off while doing damage to thousands the other doesn’t also while harming others.

  • chris logan 2 years ago

    Would it be possible to number these, or have them appear in order? Just so we don’t have to guess and check which section comes first, middle (and sometimes middle2, middle 3, middle4) and last?

  • Geoffrey Feinberg 2 years ago

    That was a good entrance. Running like a crazy person.

  • Moi S 2 years ago

    Hoooo! That’s an entry!!

  • Kim Yarbrough 2 years ago

    Nice Mtume tribute band!

  • Ey Up Chihuahua 2 years ago

    Derren Brown is incredible, seen him on stage three times and got to meet him once too. He is so bloody clever and really funny too.

  • NINO 2 years ago

    In my opinion nightmare alley misses the mark of the director’s and actor’s high-level stuff, not isn’t their top-level work but it’s still pretty good. Overall it’s still a really entertaining movie and worth seeing.

  • Gipsy 2 years ago

    these quotation video titles are so effing annoying!! I have to look at the thumbnail & even then celebs aren’t recognizable so I just give up & don’t watch most of the time. this one I watched bc the quoted sentence was short & the name of the guest was visible.

  • Jay Andrews 2 years ago

    Big Chris Farley entrance vibes.

  • Arational 2 years ago

    Is Bradley Cooper the son of Dirk Benedict?

  • Hylian Fox 2 years ago

    Bradley Cooper is so f-ing hot and charming I can’t stand it.

  • Jeffroslam 2 years ago

    Why would you play that scene?!?! Luckily I have already seen the film – and loved it – but, uh, spoiler alert?

  • Catherine Rosner 2 years ago

    Awesome movie! Dark, mysterious and all the characters are fab!

  • dav bo 2 years ago

    Bradley the DIRTBALL

  • Shiv Narang 2 years ago

    Why the hell did they show the promo clip scene??? SUCH A MAJOR SPOILER !!!!!!!

  • •Powerful BSW Experience 2 years ago

    he’s pretty phoney

  • karen Basting 2 years ago

    What a energy Bradley have . He is very athletic This is great and funny interview.


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