Is Vice’s Shane Smith The World’s Greatest Businessman?

Published on October 10, 2015

Vice is one of the fastest growing media empires, but it has humble punk rock roots. So is its CEO the world’s greatest businessman or punk’s biggest sellout?

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  • Midgar52 3 years ago


  • superbad333 3 years ago

    Powerful Shane Smith.

  • spbxl 3 years ago

    This guy’s a legend!!!

  • jonboybilly 3 years ago

    yes I love Vice

  • PS3Juggalo 3 years ago

    Shane is the man…and that’s not a problem

  • PS3Juggalo 3 years ago

    Joe Rogan

  • André Salazar 3 years ago

    Some of the darkest things I’ve seen from all around the world has been
    from Vice, very good punches in the face.

  • Sean Gilbertson 3 years ago

    He is high as fuck

  • dovlication 3 years ago

    he idolizes Ruprt Murdock. hes a fake alternative media

  • dovlication 3 years ago

    Vice non-political?! ROFLMAO what about the whole global warming
    propaganda? one-sided anti-Putin narratives? yeah. very non-politicial.
    what a piece of shit
    Shane Smith idolizes Ruprt Murdock and has his son sittin in Vice News
    board . hes a fake alternative media

  • makisjnx007 3 years ago

    Shane is an asshole and a douchebag but by God he knows how to make a good
    news documentary is a sad thing he stopped doing them.

  • Quaint Deliveries 3 years ago

    “We’re not political.” That’s rubbish. I saw the docus on Syria. It was a
    completely one sided narrative. Nothing on the Assad side.

    The thing is, when the wrongs are so gigantic, being actually neutral means
    taking an honest stand and vice didnt do that in Syria. Vice is like that
    bystander/witness to the mafia men harassing a regular guy that doesn’t say
    anything when the police comes, just keeps quiet. Being neutral would’ve
    meant telling it how it is, saying he doesn’t see it is not neutral, it’s
    an act of omission or commision

  • The muslim Atheist 3 years ago

    I love vice, I have been watching it since the early 2010s, and I want to
    congratulate you, Shane smith, for making vice into what it is.

  • dangerouslytalented 3 years ago

    His audience did not care about the news AS IT WAS DELIVERED BACK IN THE
    90s and 00’s. All he had to do was put it in a format that his audience
    cared about.

  • Devin Perdue 3 years ago

    Goodmorning everybody

  • Brian M 3 years ago

    Young people don’t not watch the TV news because they don’t care about
    international news, they don’t watch it because they don’t care about
    celebrity gossip and boring fluff pieces. Network TV news is pretty much
    all celebrity divorces, winners of the world’s cutest puppy competition,
    and whatever crazy thing Donald Trump said. If we wanna see those things,
    there are plenty of better places we can go. We watch the news to see the

  • Corvaire Wind 3 years ago

    I liked Shane & VICE until they sold out to HBO (not a sell-out?!)

  • sajzilla 3 years ago

    It’s not hard to feed biased bullshit to millennials, they’re brainless

  • Evan Thomas 3 years ago

    Vice really isn’t great anymore.

  • Steven Kolb 3 years ago

    It’s incredibly difficult to pursue any kind of journalism without some
    kind of perceived bias on one side of the spectrum or the other. I, like
    many others, consume a lot of information on current events, and if I’ve
    learned anything it’s that you need to do your own self-reporting somewhat.
    If you’re interested in a different take on a news story, then seek out
    different outlets/sources and weigh them against one another. Don’t rely on
    authority so much. Brian Williams and Bill O’Reilly are both good examples
    of what journalism looks like when you put too much faith in certain
    individuals. Lastly I’ll just add that if what you find in your search for
    facts upsets you, I’m afraid that’s the reality of it and you’ll have to
    accept and address it as such.
    P.S. Just for giggles. “We all know reality has a well known liberal bias.”
    – Stephen Colbert

  • Marchoupi 3 years ago

    i used to collect the magazines in the 90’s ( in Montréal) to read their
    great articles about politics, art, music and the hot or not section. now i
    follow them on the web. they do a great job with alot of original pièces.
    people that call them sell outs , don’t read Vice.

  • Kwality Kontrol 3 years ago

    Don’t pay the people that work for you, or pay them peanuts. Simple
    strategy for success.

  • Johnson Taylor 3 years ago

    “Did the old media come to you?” Asks Colbert.

    Uhm, Vice is owned by Fox News’ owner Rupert Murdoch contrary to Shane’s
    assertion that he isn’t “sold out.”

  • That one Gay Nazi from outer space but is now the damn fiddle master 3 years ago

    Heck yea I fucking love vice news. Keep up the awesome guests Colbert!

  • Donovan Brothen 3 years ago

    Vice is the closest thing we have to hard hitting journalism. Huge props.

  • Daniel Pasar 3 years ago

    i really like him and i like vice

  • titaniumdiveknife 3 years ago

    Yay Simon Ostrovsky!!!!

  • No Mauvaise Foi 3 years ago

    what’s the pin he’s wearing? I like some of the’d stuff Vice does but I’ve
    seen some poor portrayals of European stories laced with sensationalist
    bias. Like all media, you have to interrogate what you read and make up
    your own mind as to what you believe.

  • lakeoffire69 3 years ago

    He just piggybacked on all the work Jim and Debbie Goad did and took their
    idea to bring it to what it is now, he did f**k all.

  • Mastermind Simpleton 3 years ago

    No, Vice wouldn’t be where they are without Gavin Mcinnes.

  • ytnbsa 3 years ago

    “I’m not a sell out yet.” anyone who reads this do yourself a favor and
    google “Vice Rupert Murdoch”

  • Jesse Ramirez 3 years ago

    Hate when people say someone is biased when they are biased towards fact.
    The day vice is caught purposely lying to us is the day I call them bias. 

  • Thekingofthings 3 years ago

    During the outro I saw the drummer using his foot to muffle so sound as he
    hit it and I thought that was an awesome idea. Just sayin.


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