Is the Show Going On a Cruise or Not?!

Published on May 7, 2021

It’s the last night with CBS Senior Vice President of Late Night Programming (West Coast) Nick Bernstein sitting behind the bar, in his chair that has grown in height every show this week. After an update from the sales department regarding bringing the show on a cruise ship, James and the group start to make plans.

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  • Sam Somu 1 year ago

    this is best funny late late late and late and late night show ever…wait im awake again 🙂

  • WP82 1 year ago

    Keep. This. Format!

  • MouseWhite5 1 year ago

    I’m not trying to get down and dirty, but that Blue Origin space vehicle looks like a male appendage!!!

  • Keisha Perry 1 year ago

    This format is amazing. Don’t change this back.

  • rebecca 1 year ago

    All that’s missing from Nick’s title is microwave oven programming his title is so long like sssssssssoooooooooooo long it even has something in parenthesis. Also add something about senior chair height and hair length fr tho. New title = CBS Senior Vice President of Late Night Programming, Senior Executive of Chair Height and Hair Length, Foremost Purveyor of Quality Sneakers (West Coast).

    I am so sad this is Nick’s last night on the show. He’s super fun. fins up.

  • Phil B 1 year ago

    If they can have a Wrestling PPV on a ship, a couple late night shows should be a breeze.

  • Laura F 1 year ago

    It feels like a convo I just had w/ my friends! LOL

  • Michał B 1 year ago

    every other i keep saying the same thing like most of people here, this format HAS TO STAY. i didn’t like this show prepandemic and right now its the best late show out there. the vibe is so genuine and natural + the on going gags… pure gold and reading most of the other comments, eveyone loves it. Keep it up guys and don’t change!

  • Kala Reshana 1 year ago

    I’m honestly surprised CBS didn’t insist on blurring the spaceship.

  • VINCENT ValenHYDE 1 year ago

    Hopefully that cruise ship has great wifi.

  • Nemeth Melinda 1 year ago

    Can’t wait to see the Late Late cruise shows 😀

  • Jessica Kragt 1 year ago

    When you go on the cruise, you need matching Fins Up shirts for the whole crew. 🦈

  • Jason Beard 1 year ago

    Nothing says “we’re serious,” like a new soundboard option.

  • Steve King 1 year ago

    just go on a ship to Catalina island…

    he can dust the top shelf!

  • inthecornerinablanketwithacupofcoffee 1 year ago

    Absoutely loving this show format, sending my love to the whole crew

  • Kaitlin Woods 1 year ago

    I still LOVE…. The News. Badumbumbad-doot doo

  • Xavier 1 year ago

    He should have tennis gear on with a whistle
    Keep the joke going and leave him up there. Just add to it lol

  • david brown 1 year ago

    I hope you guys get to do a week of shows on a cruise, it would be so fun to watch everyone here just chillin having fun on the ocean. Here’s Hoping!! Have a great weekend everyone <3

  • asdf jkl: 1 year ago

    Sounds like the cruise is gonna be a go.

  • Fred Gordon 1 year ago

    With this format, it is by far the best show of its kind on TV. It’s like hanging out in the evening with your best friends who are very clever.


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