Is Ketchup a Condiment or Dipping Sauce?

Published on September 15, 2022

With Kim Kardashian on the show we wonder who on the crew should have a camera following them around all time. We again remind the public that we are the most sweatpants energy of all the late night shows. And when we get into the news James, Ian Karmel and Rob Crabbe try to list all the dipping sauces at McDonald’s – and ketchup does not count.

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  • Spencer Toussaint 1 year ago

    There is only 6 sauces in dipping containers but some places have 7 if including hot mustard

  • GM 1 year ago

    Speaking of stupid (fathers) – What about King Tampon’s inability to remember dates, use pens or move them? He is too pampered to function.

  • MANU-TONYO 1 year ago

    America! Caring more about condiments than their own Country. That’s culture. hahaha

  • bepowerification 1 year ago

    who – except Bernstein – DOESNT change when they get home?

  • Art Martial 1 year ago

    To some like Trump, it’s more than a condiment or dipping sauce, it’s a comfort food….sucks it from the bottle

  • parkiwi 1 year ago

    What’s a card and dash in?

  • Amparo Rally 1 year ago

    Hot damn I would totally pay extra to get me some Spicy Rob.

  • 47f0 1 year ago

    Actually, ketchup counts as a vegetable according to Ronald Reagan’s school lunch nutrition program.

  • J C 1 year ago

    Um Hot Mustard!!! The best one!

  • Soren Ingram 1 year ago

    Why does James have Lalo Salamanca in his crew, and on set ..? !

  • Elvis 1 year ago

    I would just watch your team talking to each-other all day long lol. Great personalities, great people.

  • hotdamndan 1 year ago

    I know this one would be chaotic when I saw James and Rob on the thumbnail.,. Rob is ready to fight tooth and nail about those dipping sauce. Lol

  • RoxMeNot 2 1 year ago

    My favorite part of these videos is at the end when he says “Come on back!”.. the music plays, he takes a sip of the cup and the facade drops and he goes dead behind the eyes haha! Every single time!

  • Gary Dufresne 1 year ago

    Condiment, duh.

  • freaky deaky 1 year ago

    why are you still alive?

  • ierbutza21 1 year ago

    Condiment however most taste like trash so better use normal ingredients for taste,then again most of you over there dont know how a lot of things taste naturaly.


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