Is JFK Jr. Still Alive? – Jordan Klepper Fingers the Conspiracy | The Daily Show

Published on November 9, 2022

Is JFK Jr. still alive? Daily Show contributor and podcast host Jordan Klepper digs deep into this conspiracy theory that’s circulating at Trump rallies and the larger MAGA world. Where did this idea come from? Where is it going? Jordan sits down with journalist and author Will Sommer and political scientist and conspiracy theory expert Joseph Uscinski to trace the JFK Jr. myth back to its QAnon origins. #DailyShow #JordanKlepper #Podcast

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  • new moon 1 year ago

    Urb. Huh? Whaaa? Ummmm. I love interviews where celebs talk about being mistaken for other celebs.

  • T. H. 1 year ago

    They don’t understand irony, so that makes it pretty hard fir them to see.

  • dee cee 1 year ago

    Thank You for this Video. A Buddy of mine is in it and hopefully seeing himself in an updated video will get him out of his funk.

  • Jilaine Shea 1 year ago

    Cognitive dissonance at its finest. Qanon will make anything support their beliefs.

  • peter baxter 1 year ago

    Americans are very disposed to accepting various ghosts, angels ,gods, living up in the skies, and various actors transporting as being settled reality.

  • william clarke 1 year ago

    The Kennedys are liberals. Additionally why would JFK Jr. Want to associate with trash like Trump?

  • Stephen Deroski 1 year ago

    Why don’t they think MLK Jr and Malcolm X are coming back?

  • Ralph Gazda 1 year ago

    We get better news from our comedians than we do from the press…

  • Christophe B 1 year ago

    interesting on the religious parallels on the minus/negative 48. both the numerology and the second coming/rising from the dead. if one is christian it shouldnt be farfetched of someone coming back from the dead as it is taught as something that happened in the bible and will happen again with jesus. numerology is crazy to me reminds me of times I was tripping and wrote done a bunch of stuff, connecting dots and then when I read it later

  • Mommytomakeup dorton 1 year ago

    I think some hacker should create a persona that Trump is really Hillary Clinton and trying to trick Republicans. I think they would believe it

  • Gan Dolph 1 year ago

    Trump and JFK, Jr. are one plane crash from meeting again.


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