Is It Weird We Pardon Turkeys Every Year?

Published on November 19, 2021

Every year the White House pardons a pair of turkeys — this year they put them in a hotel room. It’s a bit of an odd tradition, right? Although it might not be as odd as not knowing any person named Mike.

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  • 2bescene 2 years ago

    Ian hahaha

  • Jacob Anatoly 2 years ago

    Pete get in there and hug. Lol I love it.

  • eLLe Booggie 2 years ago

    LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!! Dave’s Laugh is just infectious….. 🙂 PEEEETTTEEE HUG!!!

  • Frau Sibylle 2 years ago

    It is weird

  • Marc Neilson 2 years ago

    Wonderful! James you are the best!

  • Judith Shultes 2 years ago

    I love the affection James shows Pete

  • Andrea Cercado 2 years ago

    Yeah Venezuela representing

  • Jef Schobert 2 years ago

    What is weird, the jab. Trump got the funding going. He made plans to get it into Americans. He got one. After he won, his followers would have followed.
    Knowing that he held rallies to get the infection rate higher for more profits later thru his pharmacy stocks.
    He then mocked that science and said inject bleach, shove light up your ass. Knowing that later he would say the facts are the vaccine works as they crowned him king of America.
    Then he lost.
    So somehow the whole lets kill off people with a jab became Biden’s fault?
    To not get a vaccine is to not support Trump. Seems weird like I said, yet here we are with right wing voters dieing.

  • specialpatrolgroup92 2 years ago

    8:40 Was that man Homer Simpson?

  • Moses Garner 2 years ago

    I’m with James…I don’t trust a person who says they don’t know a person named ‘Mike’ Mike is EVERYWHERE!

  • S J 2 years ago

    No it is not, every year just for Thanksgiving millions of innocent turkeys get murdered for a few minutes of pleasure, for a meal. Go spend some time with a living turkey at a sanctuary such as Farm Sanctuary. How barbaric are we humans to kill someone for tradition and taste. How would you feel if you were the victim and if someone stuffed your butt!? Go watch some slaughterhouse footage (Earthlings, Dominion, etc), lets see how much appetite you have afterwards. Most people are too weak and ignorant to actually watch what their “food” had to go through before ending up on their plate. Fun fact, it’s 2021 and there are thousands of plant based meat alternatives available for Thanksgiving and always! They are cruelty free, cholesterol free, blood/hormones/antibiotic free, friendlier to our environment and climate. Smart people educate themselves and go vegan for the animals, our planet and their health. It’s that simple. Just because something is a tradition, doesn’t make it moral (see dog meat festivals in Asia, female genital mutilation, etc). Just because something gives someone pleasure doesn’t make it ok/morals (see rape, violence, etc). Wake up people!!


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