Is Biden Too Old to Run Again? | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on September 30, 2022

Caitlin Flanagan and Van Jones join Bill Maher to discuss whether President Biden should run for reelection in 2024.

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  • WVR Spence (WestVirginiaRebel) 1 year ago

    Yes, he is too old. No alternatives? Gavin Newsome anyone?

  • Stephane Gosselin 1 year ago

    Biden is a bit too old but than Trump is an idiot, age vs criminal behavior.

  • AnDrew 1 year ago

    great great show… AT THE END Bill thanks his two (at large) guests… YES HE DID..!!! Because OG Caitlin Flanagan is a ROCK STAR..!! Van Jones has always been tops..!! but CAITLIN FLANAGAN pushes and held to account…!!! and .. was SEXY AS HELL..!!

  • Thanks Again 1 year ago

    How on Earth does Jim Crow Joe or “credit card Joe” as he was called in Senate (for being the resident lobbyist for the credit card industry) harken back to FDR’s “working man” Democratic party? These people are left over cabal of Dixie democrats who got pawned by the Bush cartel, entrenched elderly stooges that think they’re “the good guys”. I mean it’s either bold-faced lies or a kind of stupidity that’s orders and magnitudes beyond The pale of reasoned political discussion.

    Joe Biden’s party turn their back on the working person in 1972. He’s the poster boy for the yuppie era of errors, poverty pimps exploiting big blue cities and states, while putting bribes in their pockets from overseas actors with both hands.

  • TS 1 year ago

    Democrats lack self awareness.

  • kaja googoo 1 year ago

    He is a relic of the cold war hell bent on creating his legacy by trying to be the one who took down Russia and Putin while getting all of humanity killed over is fragile ego and vanity. Get rid of him finally and forever.

  • Ratclima 1 year ago

    How is Biden “doing great.” What a cult these people are in. Its not Bidens age that’s the issue, its his cognition.

  • William Vorkosigan 1 year ago

    For goodness sake, Pres. Biden, doesn’t know if it is New York or New Year. Can we not do better? Harris: “Our long time ally, North Korea”. That’s what you get when you can ride the “Diversity Hire” all the way to the Vice Presidency. Trump is all the things you say about him. Biden is worse. Corruption. Trump is shocking. Mr 10% is worse. Owned by foreign powers. That was always Dem. misinformation but Biden is Mr 10% for China. Cognitive ability speaks for itself. So old and unfit he will probably die in office. Biden is older and doesn’t know what day it is. Doesn’t worry about the law. Biden is failing his oath of office in not policing our southern boarder. A maximum age to run for President would solve your Trump derangement syndrome for you.

  • Auturgic Flosculator 1 year ago

    I think that police unions should be restructured or broken, eventually, due to their corruption and also the fact that I think that the current police are undereducated and mismanaged. There are some among them who are excellent individuals, mind you. No offense meant by that opinion.

    In the meantime, start up the real police. These would be highly educated individuals(preferably multiple Master’s level or above) with strong specialization in nonviolent confrontation; they’d be equipped with cyborg communication implants tracking their location and vital signs 24/7 and feeding them updates. They would be paid at least triple what police currently make, with immense insurance policies. They would be regularly monitored by psych doctors, and would be forcibly retired with a massive pension, or moved to a more suitable role if it were determined that trauma had produced a danger of instability.

    It’s a thought I’ve turned over in my mind from time to time throughout the years. 7 billion heads are better than one, I’m sure others could flesh it out to a less insane sounding proposition.

  • Jeff Bergs 1 year ago

    Have to ask this guy did you make more money 4 years ago or are you investments better now. I think I know the answer. I’m dialectic, why is answer spelled answer please respond.

  • poul thomas 1 year ago

    Biden should come out and own his age and ‘senior’ moments hard. ‘Yeah, i’m old, no shit. I make gaffes, always have. But here’s thing. I’ve gotten more shit done than any other Presidents in the last 30 years.’

  • A. Holb 1 year ago

    Why is this Agest Bs accepted right now. Geeze What Wisdom doesn’t exist anymore. Bidens doing Great. We could be looking at what he is Actually done Positive.

  • J Hitchcock 1 year ago

    Joe Biden is not appealing. He is President because we wanted to fire Trump. Stop it with this talk that he’s so fantastic. He is not.

  • William Vorkosigan 1 year ago

    Van Jones later says that a really good girl soccer player could beat a mediocre boy. No dude. Youtube is full of boys teams destroying national women’s teams at football, sorry soccer.

  • Nik Garcia 1 year ago

    Infrastructure? Where? Please, don’t make me laugh. The only thing Semi-Fascist Joe has gotten done is Gas Hikes, Ridiculous FOOD Prices, lots of INFLATION & Hungry People

  • Anne 1 year ago

    Appealing? Thats not the word that comes to mind.


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