Is An Asteroid Going To Hit Earth On Election Day? Neil deGrasse Tyson Says Maybe

Published on October 31, 2020

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson reminds us that there is an asteroid heading towards Earth on election day, but it shouldn’t stop anyone from voting! You can see more of Neil deGrasse Tyson on his show, “Cosmos: Possible Worlds.” #Colbert #Cosmos #NeildeGrasseTyson

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  • poptart6662012 2 years ago

    Asteroid 2020: Just fucking END IT

  • xbb1024 2 years ago

    Someone needs to make a new alien invasion movie, except based on the expected political reactions of today’s governments.

  • Holly Jacobsen 2 years ago

    Trump’s Space Force will take care of it. It will be the greatest asteroid super duper explosion in the history of this country. Believe me.

  • Edward de Jong 2 years ago

    From afar, America’s battle with corona starts to look like its war with Vietnam: knowingly fighting a losing battle that’s costing lives while proclaiming victory all the way through.

  • Gennadiy Sharashkin 2 years ago

    Jab at The Hill was stupid. They are 100 times more honest and brave in their reporting than all of the main-stream media combined, Colbert included.

  • John Early 2 years ago

    I was taught that a blue moon was the 4th full moon in a season (winter, spring, summer, fall) not the second of a month. Where did this new definition come from?

  • Sander de Boer 2 years ago

    Corona is the latest Darwin Award competition, let’s hope that the Trump supporters win!

  • Marc C 2 years ago

    I love this guy. He’s so awesome!

  • Henry Odo 2 years ago

    Honey moon facts

  • Robert Lust 2 years ago

    America + creating superbugs by sanitizing everything in rocking your immune system only to bring it back with steroids much more impressive steroids than in the past how long has been Pharma been holding

  • Matthew Dobbs 2 years ago

    Sadly the US government ignored the warnings and experiences of the rest of the world. That’s what happens when stupidity and ignorance reigns! Good luck guys! Great interview.

  • veronica pace 2 years ago

    85% of people tested for covid are mask wearers. (CDC) 99% survival rate. This is crazy.

  • Robert Lust 2 years ago

    Any scientists out there like those covid-19 and compare similarities to antidepressants along with stimulants and steroids maybe even some chemo

  • george mcdaniel 2 years ago

    No the secret is to listen to your god Trump and then die in his persons. Me personally I don’t mind being in the house never did as long as I be smart about it I can go to the movies work out in my local gym im good.

  • theharper1 2 years ago

    Can I be the pedant who says that water on the moon would sublimate not evaporate? 😀

  • ImKinoNichtSabbeln 2 years ago

    Next monday’s asteroid is most likely the upper stage of a 1966’s NASA Centaur rocket.
    And that’s what’s the astrophysics community agreed opon to be most reasonable explanation:
    1) It is relatively strongly shifted be the sun’s light (-> conclusion: No massive object, ie no natural carbon, stone, or ice asteroid)
    2) When calculating it’s trajectory back in time, it must have been 1966 in the earth-moon-space.
    Both fits perfectly with the 1966 Centaur rocket, for whixh we know the upoer stage to be fired in the very fitting direction for the current occurence.
    See by yourself, e.g.

    .. or read the scientists’ discussions on the topic, if you have physics or engieering degree.

    The old the rocket stage will most likely orbit the earth on an unstable, far out orbit until march, when the sun’s gravity will pull the stage back away from earth.

    But when by this 0,5% chance the old upper stage will come too near to our atmosphere, it will split up and just produce some shooting stars.
    So: Nothing to worry about.

    Sooo: GO VOTING!
    The old Centaur stage won’t solve our problems. But you can help.

    Disappointedly, people like sensationalism.
    So, even serious scientists have to go with this asteroid as a boogey man to be heard.
    In this, I don’t share the high opinion on NDT, again:
    He does know this stuff very well, but doesn’t tell and explain it. That’s disgraceful, scientifically, IHMO.

  • Poppy Bell 2 years ago

    Hi, Brian Pennington!

  • Steverino 2 years ago

    I would still like to know “What is the smallest (iron) asteroid that can reach the ground intact?” (He didn’t quite answer that one.)

  • Jazz Jazz 2 years ago

    I love him so much.


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