Is A Fourth Wave Coming?

Published on April 9, 2021

Get the shot or surf on your couch! #Colbert #ALateShow #ColdOpens

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  • Lucia- Nishino Jurado 8 months ago

    I hate these masks its driving me crazy tested negative 4 times covid is lingering obviously not going anywhere as long as we are all alive walking and breathing the damn AIR

  • morris p. 8 months ago

    Catchy tune. Glad to see Dr. F’s making use of some down time. Man can not live by disease solving alone.

  • directfunebru 8 months ago

    Going to the beach would be nice, but politicians love lockdown.

  • mary jones 8 months ago

    4thwave unless we all pull together for the sake of our country and neighbors. we can at least, finally, act like adults during this crisis, can’t we? and finally get past it! ty lssc fam, maybe someone will listen this time!

  • Jon Blondell 8 months ago


  • Divot King 8 months ago

    They ripped of the Beastie Boys with that song!

  • Dinesh Dorjee 8 months ago

    B.e.S.T f’u”l’l D.a.T.i.n.G h.o.T G.i.r.L’s —L—o—V—e—S—e—X—..❤️⤵️


    在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`’守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。.說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙(如山核桃,山核桃和豆科灌木 來調味食物煮的時候 1617960644

  • Black Claws 8 months ago

    Not even having watched yet, yes a fourth wave is coming, because people are idiots and refuse to listen to medical experts. Sadly the virus does not only target said idiots.

  • Matt McCaughen 8 months ago

    If anyone thinks this will ever end your just crazy this will be around forever now

  • Globby aka Weird Jelly Guy 8 months ago

    In addition to couch surfing, almost everyone will probably be channel surfing too.🙃

  • h7opolo 8 months ago

    whatever. get over it, people. the vax will not stop it. the vax is unnecessary.

  • Native Nation 8 months ago


  • Lars la Cour Poulsen 8 months ago

    Nicely made!👏🏻😃

  • world citizen G 8 months ago

    my young Hispanic neighbor said this after learning about CDC’s guidelines on not to travel if unvaccinated
    “this is a true medical apartheid that would disallow healthy law abiding tax paying citizen if they don’t participate in this vaccine experiment, a new form of oppression and illusion …” He also “Choose not to vote last Nov, because the result were fixed”

  • bobiboulon 8 months ago

    a 4th wave? You’re keeding me, we’re still in the 3rd wave in my country. Seems like it’s not only for the vaccination that we are late…

  • AmethystWoman 8 months ago

    4th wave? Lol. We are still…NVM. it’s not gone people. Never left. Our fatique and craziness didn’t do a thing for it. And well, we need to keep saying the vaccine doesn’t prevent you from getting sick. Very sick. Like long haulers sick for a long time with a mild case. But if we don’t keep saying it as general knowledge, come next year, the continued virus will cause us to end up with a red senate again. Because it WILL BE ALL JOE’S FAULT. Stop saying it’s over.

  • Lizz Borges 8 months ago

    I think it’s gonna be the endless wave 🌊🌊🌊🌊

  • Graeme Pennell 8 months ago

    oooohh ooooooohhh oooh…
    There is GOING to be a 4th wave, to be sure. It will be of the more transferable variation & dont book your holidays before 2024 folks.

  • Eduardo Grasso TV 8 months ago

    Fauci is always in the verge of yelling “we are all gonna dieeeeeeee”

  • I R 8 months ago

    Was that supposed to be funny

  • jamesmc3stripe 8 months ago

    Wait isn’t the USA still in its first wave?

  • Vicky Strudwick 8 months ago

    Dr Fauci can add “Groovy” to his cv 😀

  • Mat Broomfield 8 months ago

    If it is, it’s primarily going to infect and kill the stupid, and Trump supporters and I have no problem with that whatsoever.

  • sandra johnson 8 months ago

    Just like the motion of the ocean, Covid ‘waves’ will be around for a very long time. The reason? Irresponsible humans. Those who refuse to believe Covid is real, those who refuse to wear a mask, those who refuse to stay their asses at home and those ‘Karens’ who whine about their ‘rights’.
    People are still gathering in crowds shoulder to shoulder, some with masks, some without. They are still traveling and they are still as stupid as they were BEFORE the pandemic.
    I will wear my mask until the day I die.

  • Stair force one Big guy 8 months ago mask…it doesn’t matter. Once people are scared…you lost them. They don’t recover from fear. It eats them alive and controls them. The government knew what they were doing

  • 70s80s 8 months ago

    Painfully depressing!

  • Bryan Abbott 8 months ago

    Research to find out how effective the current vaccines work on the variants is still ongoing. As more and more variants are popping up, it may take a while to keep up with them.

  • Ronald Tindle 8 months ago

    Old T-men serving their dark lord

  • Derek Ho 2013's 8 months ago

    Mask wearing bottle hand sanitizer fourth new

  • Chi Chi 8 months ago

    Talking about a fourth wave we haven’t gotten over the first one yet!!!!!!!

  • Jordan Summers 8 months ago

    The last song you guys made was amazing

  • Gimmerstrike 8 months ago

    How is it wave 4 when we have not finished the first.

  • Puppets4sale 8 months ago

    Fourth wave of a .15% ifr virus. Wow better hope I don’t catch the sniffles.

  • IVICA HABI 8 months ago

    FFS ppl,china is coming coz they lose money everyday.So they made this virus,to sell shit.So it will,just go take vacine.and hope 4 best.:) GL from Croatia

  • Megan H 8 months ago

    This is perfect! I hate the beach boys and I hate coronavirus! 💞

  • EarthKnight 8 months ago

    It’s worth pointing out that genetic evidence indicates that one pandemic in the past lasted for roughly 15 *million* years, and that about 8% of our DNA comes from viruses.

    This may not be it, but at least one disease will become a permanent part of our evolutionary history and it will take a long time to co-evolve with it.

  • Sattwik Santra 8 months ago

    Covid ‘no need to drink and drive’ I have taken the job.

  • متعب المثاكبة 8 months ago

    It will never end, wake up people !!

  • Cheryl Carlson 8 months ago

    Fully vaccinated, wearing a mask, staying home as cases never went down far enough to make me feel safe. Plateau is not a gone

  • Lizardguy NA 8 months ago

    Virus wouldn’t be so constant if Trump didn’t sit on his lazy all day and pretend it was nothing. Seriously, can we really the Red Party after their absolute submission to the virus?

  • sweetriri90 8 months ago

    4th wave my ass it’s been just one giant clusterfuck tsunami

  • Mitchell Ries 8 months ago

    If there is a 4th wave, I don’t think it will last long. They said they’ll have the vaccine to everybody next month. If we’re lucky, maybe it will be earlier.

  • bigemugamer 8 months ago

    Is A Forth Wave Coming?
    Well, it IS “human being in 2021” that has to deal with it, sooo… proba-fluckin-bly… =,(

  • jrbship 8 months ago

    Colbert crew killing it with the cold open again. You have such talented people working on this show

  • kassia pencek 8 months ago

    How good can you guys be!!!!

  • Fix News 8 months ago

    Not sure if comedy bits about a deadly virus is a great idea.

  • Unknown Commenter 8 months ago

    Polio didn’t ‘come and went’. Polio took years to develop an effective vaccine. It was eventually believed to have been eradicated, but I recall in the past several years that it may have raised it’s ugly head once or twice again.

  • Daniel Lam 8 months ago

    Catch a Fourth Wave: Endless Bummer

  • Determined DIYer 8 months ago

    my husband got his first shot wednesday. I got my first yesterday. 🙂 doing our best to do our part. it wasn’t easy to find an appointment.

  • LeNa 8 months ago

    Make a catching tune about the WAVE BREAKER, PLZ!
    We need an vaccine, immune song, something to sing and focus on! <33

  • Chee Nou Lo 8 months ago


  • Timofei Gerasimov 8 months ago

    Great Beach Boys parody!

  • Fox Watson 8 months ago

    Colbert, As a member of a family who knows the tragedy of Covid first hand , thanks for your humor , imagination and intelligent writers . We couldn’t have made it through thus pandemic without you ! Your wife is also cute and we love her chuckles as your audience.
    Fox Watson
    Black Mountain, NC

  • Jess MacKendrick 8 months ago

    Given his support for Trump and 60 years of just being the worst, I imagine Mike Love is off somewhere trying to turn old Beach Boys songs into COVID denying tunes: “Don’t Mask Me, Baby”; “I Know there’s No Virus”; “Bad Vaccinations”…

  • Anthony Lesley 8 months ago

    Lol Stephen really likes parodying the beach boys

  • Nettie Malo 8 months ago

    I’m surfing the couch now! I’m lockdown! Yay, Ontario!

  • Artie B. Rockin' 8 months ago

    Does that include, besides, shooting the curl, shooting those that insist on following QAnon?
    How about instead of “Hanging Ten”, we hang all of them!

  • Michael Westerland 8 months ago

    Major cred and respect to the musicians, because hawt damn, thought i was listening to a bootleg beach boys tape!

  • S1L3NT G4M3R 8 months ago

    see you in 2022….

  • p l 8 months ago

    Who are these artists that are working on these videos?? Are their names in the credits?? Congrats to an awesome, talented crew!! Loved this. I want more vids like this. Shout out to the art and music departments as well as the writers. Great work everyone!!

  • Shato Nyruami 8 months ago

    Anybody ever asked the question how Covid can be on the rise while 146 million Americans supposedly are immune?

  • ShrankTheFirst 8 months ago

    Now I want to see the Mein Land version with Fauci…

  • paulalancaster1 8 months ago

    Totally hilarious and brilliant. You guys are geniuses!

  • Judy SoCal 8 months ago

    Frankie and Annette….memories!!

  • treecko3453 8 months ago

    Perfectly captured the beach boys musicality 🎶

  • Venture Fanatic 8 months ago

    Yes we are, I constantly see people without Masks on. I do not believe they got the Shots. We are living is selfish times spurred on by the horrible example of the Boomers.

  • Shawn M 8 months ago

    imo, so many have been vaccinated and probably triple the number of reported cases already caught it and have immunity that we won’t see a true 4th wave… but I’m not the epidemiologist with 30+ years of experience on the matter

  • Mark Gigiel 8 months ago

    I think I have sand in my crack. Oh, it was just crumbs from the granola bar I just ate. I’m only surfing the net. That’s a relief.

  • banksiasong 8 months ago

    Unfortunately, every thing Dr Fauci says comes true.
    America must follow his guidance, and stop producing dreadful mutations you’re spreading across the planet.

  • notme 8 months ago

    Some of us never left lockdown! (Hello from Ireland where we can’t go more than 3 miles from our house since xmas)

  • Addie Alexander 8 months ago

    We had 3 waves? The whole year seemed like one same thing.

  • Miriam Bucholtz 8 months ago

    Um, guys, polio never left. It’s still around, too, just waiting for the anti-vaxxers.

  • Pradip Acharya 8 months ago

    When did we get over the first wave?

  • Smljhndnsmr 8 months ago

    I had my second shot of the vaccine back on 10Jan2021, but I still wore masks everywhere except at the gym. There’s a lot of mutations spreading around the world lately, so it doesn’t hurt to err on the side of caution.

  • a J 8 months ago

    Lol! Is all I have to say.

  • Keith Pixton 8 months ago

    I also rocked out to Cheap Trick

  • Ana Salas 8 months ago

    A fourth wave?😕😕

  • Penny Mitchell 8 months ago

    Australia is almost free. No masks needed now. Though as soon as there is a couple back on they go.

  • Andre Barbosa 8 months ago

    and a 5th and so on because we aren’t vaccinating enough people globally to stop variants, which means plenty of time to cook up more variants that can fly on in whenever they want and cause more shutdowns regardless of who’s vaccinated to the previous variant. yay late stage capitalism where it can’t happen unless someone’s making a killing on it and oh yeah, f u 3rd world, time for some eugenics. Praise be to the free market and the competition model i guess

  • Beeble Brox 8 months ago

    If the video is LESS THAN 2 minutes long, putting an ad on them is considered the height of incompetent internet broadcasting, sorry. You can plop it in at the end, but NEVER at the beginning. Why risk damaging your own brand? 🙄

  • Kyle Stanley 8 months ago

    I feel this is a ridiculous talking point as this is still the first wave. In my opinion waves would be differentiated by gaining control of the virus in the first place then a wave of new infections could be called the second wave. Since the US, even under lockdown, never got control of the virus (fewer than 1,000 infections a day) this talk of waves seems ridiculous. I know there are many reasons for using this terminology including reducing the chances for panic however at this point given that we’ve accepted 60,000 plus infections a day to be normal a little panic maybe a good thing. After all we have over half a million people dead whereas other countries that know what the hell they’re doing and have citizens and politicians who have the common sense not to politicize a disease, have deaths numbered in the thousands and new infection rates of under 100.

  • Lynn Many Fires 8 months ago

    Clever. 🤗

  • William W 8 months ago

    I thumbed down only because I have to wonder what people who have died of the virus and those who lost loved ones would feel about this parody. Too soon?

  • Michael McGinley 8 months ago

    There will be ten waves and half the population dead before America takes Covid19 seriously.

  • Dale hauk 8 months ago

    yes we going have dozens of them but cause China just let it out but where the sanctions or hearings at un

  • Dan Frederiksen 8 months ago

    aren’t you all pretty much vaccinated by now in USA? so how could there be any significant resurgence?

  • Mary Donohoe 8 months ago

    Follow the bouncing virus!

  • Afifa Rouane 8 months ago

    Help europe because they are passes over passes 👎🥵vaccine if you want to avoid the fouth 😏

  • Lex Slate 8 months ago

    Masks, sanitizer and distancing remain effective. People just need the ability to stay the hell home when they think it’s not safe to go out. That said, I say we go for total global vaccination and snuff this damn virus out for keeps.

  • Warren NZ 8 months ago

    Is it unkind to point out that here in New Zealand we followed the science and now COVID has gone and life has been back to normal for months?
    Yeah it’s probably unkind. But:

  • Nanyu Busnis 8 months ago

    If there’s a forth wave, it will be in america, not the entire world. Stop confusing the two pls.

  • Ani Bell 8 months ago

    Sand in my crack made me LOL.

  • CHI CHI 8 months ago

    Why are they talking about a 4th wave we NEVER GOT OUT THE 1ST ONE.

  • kathy Turner 8 months ago

    Of course there will be another, that Americans. Weather is getting nice spring break is here so of course that means the idiots will be out. Example Trump goes to Mexico (trying to collect the check he thinks they owe us for the wall) and the only one without a mask on. See idiot!

  • Monkeyking 8 months ago

    a fourth wave would mean the first one ended

  • a lindley 8 months ago

    So this is why I need to keep my day job. I thought my version of “shut up and dance with me”, entitled, “Shut up, and wear your mask!” was funny. This number, with Dr. Fauci surfing , is truly a “howl”. That’s the difference between amateur and professional humor: the professionals are funnier.

    Takehome point for the Bloomberg School set: “Edu-tainment!” works best when it’s mostly entertainment.
    Even so, to this day I recall the following additional (strictly amateur) health messages: “Up two, down three, think of your heart and take the stairs!” “Drink Eight, Hydrate!” And the unforgettable: “Dr. Helen Abbey says: EAT IRON!”

    “Oh, don’t you touch your face,
    Be sure to wash your hands.”
    I said, “Let’s break that rule.”
    She said, “Shut up, and Wear Your Mask!
    That shouldn’t be too much to ask!”
    She said, “Woo, hoo,
    Shut up! And Wear your Mask!”

    You don’t want to be victims of the BUG
    The biological viral epidemic-Thug,
    You’ll catch it if you stand too close or hug,
    You don’t want to catch the Covid,
    Don’t let yourself get Covid!

    She looked at me,
    I don’t know how it happened,
    Six feet away, and she said:

    “Oh, don’t you dare get sick,
    Survival is your task!”
    I said, “You’re telling me?”
    She said, “Shut up! And wear your mask!
    This shouldn’t be too much to ask!”
    She said, “Stay alive!
    Stay well! And wear your mask!”

    Full PPE and some beat up ‘crock’s [‘crocks’ are a kind of clog shoe that doctors wear’]
    My public-health Juliet, anti-Covid Doc.
    I felt it in my chest as she looked at me,
    Separated by that Covid,
    like tragic lovers out of Ovid.

    Six feet away,
    I don’t know how it happened.
    We talked on line, and she said:

    “Oh, don’t you dare get sick.
    Survival is your task.”
    I said, “When can we meet?”
    She said, “Shut up, and wear your mask!”
    “I want to meet YOU, not your next of kin.
    So Stay alive—Shut up, and wear your mask!”

    Oh, c’mon girl!
    Deep in her eyes
    I think I see the future
    I realize, this is my last chance.
    From six feet away
    I don’t know how it happened,
    She looked at me and she said:

    “Oh, don’t you dare get sick,
    Just stay six feet away,
    Survival is your task,
    Be sure to always wear your mask!”
    This woman is my destiny.
    She said, “Stay well for me!
    Stay well, and wear your mask!”

  • FontMan17 8 months ago

    It’s never gonna end!!!! And I don’t care if this Asian hate is going in because of the virus, you can keep blaming them!

  • Darren Pearn 8 months ago

    Weirdos watch this crap

  • Patty Gould 8 months ago

    Canada’s peak infection rate (happening right now I hope) is roughly comparable, on a per capita basis to the US’s current plateau. As in our high of about 7500 cases per day and your low of about 66000 cases per day. It’s nice to see the US is finally closing that gap because the widening has been heartbreaking.

  • parkington 8 months ago

    Fauci’s head is pasted on Elvis’s body from Blue Hawaii. I bet Fauci is one of the few who are old enough to know that.

  • A C Gilbert 8 months ago

    I need a Fauci surfing doll.

  • Garrett Nordstrom 8 months ago

    If they care why do they have kids sardined into cages on the boarder with confirmed covid cases inside? Wake up people they don’t care about stemming the curve. They just want to have control and power.

  • J 8 months ago

    More stimulus!


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